Corporate Budget Reductions Fuel Growth for Email Marketing System Provider

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Webmaster ToolsNew York – Zrinity, a Central New York firm, recently announced that it largely surpassed its predictions for Q1, 2009. Zrinity continues on a fast growth track by adding eighteen new customers in Q1, 2009 and expects continued growth in Q2. The reason, according to Zrinity owners, is that Zrinity provides an advanced, centralized solution that enables its clients to generate more revenue at a much lower cost than prevailing alternatives.

The first generation of email marketing in the 1990s relied upon home-grown systems with limited functionality and heavy internal support costs. As the sophistication of ecommerce has increased, many companies outsourced their email programs to shared, ASP, vendors. While these shared ASPs offered improved functionality over home-grown systems, they generally operate on an expensive cost-per-use basis. As the current economic climate increases pressure on the bottom line, companies are looking to reduce both internal and external costs while continuing to expand sophistication and success of their marketing efforts.

Zrinity offers its customers the benefits of state-of-the-art email marketing technology, increased integration with other internal systems, reduced internal support costs and the elimination of unsustainable cost-per-use fees. The result is dynamic, personalized, real-time email campaigns that drive more revenue with less cost.

According to Zrinity owners, “Zrinity systems save our customers money and valuable time by directly connecting to live customer data and e-commerce systems. This empowers our customers with the ability to write and read from live and integrated data systems quickly and easily. Systems that employ anything but real-time data integration cause bottlenecks and lost revenue due to lost time in manual labor to use these systems. These bottlenecks become increasingly slow and costly when processed through ASP, Web-based, systems which require additional computers in the data loop. The intelligent Zrinity systems are like a plug-n-play system which processes all data real-time. The amount of data processed by Zrinity customers would take weeks to process via remote, ASP, systems versus nearly instantaneous data availability through Zrinity systems.”

To help companies transition to the right solution for their email marketing needs, Zrinity recently announced a more flexible licensing strategy that gives online retailers the ability to save budget dollars while better communicating with existing clients. The licensing suggests a more defensive posture for online retailers whereby they spend more time and resources on existing customers which cost less to keep than gaining new customers. First and foremost online retailers should shore up existing customer relationships using transactional email marketing and up-selling.

According to Zrinity owners, the economy is in a slump, but business owners continue to invest in new technologies that streamline their business and industry. Zrinity owners also credit their lean business structure for their continued growth. By keeping overhead low, Zrinity maintains a lean posture and has very low overhead. Web marketing, such as well-positioned Google rankings, produces a large percentage of the firms’ new business, which is another factor in low overhead and high profit.

Mother Nature, a New York City based “Natural Products” online retailer, has been working with the Zrinity team as online business consultants and a web-based software system provider since 2000. Oliver Clark, Chief Technology Officer, Mother Nature, selected Zrinity as his on-premise email marketing system. The key functionality provided by the Zrinity system according to Mr. Clark is, “The deliverability metrics. Analytic Approach, an email service firm, based near Sacramento California, also selected Zrinity as its on-premise provider of email systems and provider of email deliverability services. Shawn Pickering, Owner and CEO, Analytic Approach, found Zrinity after a Google search, “‚Ķover fifteen days researching providers of email systems.”

About Zrinity
Zrinity is a leading provider of on-premise email servers and list management systems for Global 2000 businesses, email service providers and many other firms. Zrinity provides its customers with high-performance email delivery servers and systems. Zrinity, in Central New York, serves a wide variety of industries such as banking, education, government, health care, retail and B2B.

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