DotNetPanel Launches New Windows Hosting Control Panel Website

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Web Hosting ToolsVancouver, BC – DotNetPanel, a leading Windows hosting control panel developer, announced today a new website designed to showcase its hosting control panel products and services. The new website features a user-friendly interface with faster access to files, support, and information for current and future customers.

“Users will benefit from the new DotNetPanel website because of the professional design and convenient access to information they need to run their businesses,” said Feodor Fitsner, Director of DotNetPanel. “Like our Windows hosting control panel interface, the new website is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and does a remarkable job in helping users find what they need – fast.”

The previous website design made it difficult to find information on the various DotNetPanel hosting control panel editions such as a comparison chart detailing their features and pricing. Since DotNetPanel is available in a free, standard, and enterprise version, the new website provides access to the different features directly from the homepage.

“The new DotNetPanel website provides better content structure, making it easier to learn the differences between our three DotNetPanel hosting control panel editions,” said Fitsner. “In addition to visitors, current and future customers can demo our products while learning how our products can directly increase their revenue.”

With a fresh new design, DotNetPanel can showcase its flagship Enterprise Solution. Visitors can learn why and how to utilize modules including Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, and BlackBerry as additional services to their current hosting products and services. Windows hosting companies can also benefit from the new website by learning how to create, sell, and manage virtual private servers using the DotNetPanel Hyper-V solution.

“Our Windows hosting control panel products are powerful and include many features hosting companies can use to manage their business,” said Fitsner. “The new website design reduces the time it takes customers to learn about DotNetPanel by providing accurate and up-to-date information about our products and services.”

The new website uses a new content framework for implementing search engine optimization. The framework allows for better organization of optimized content written to help users quickly find what they need. Using the right combination of compliant coding techniques and optimized content, visitors and search engines can easily find the latest in DotNetPanel Windows hosting control panel products and services.

“We needed a new website with ongoing SEO support that provided the right framework for enhancing our search engine rankings,” said Fitsner. “From optimized code on the backend to on page content optimization, the new website is ideal for helping search engines find us as well as new customers.”

About DotNetPanel
DotNetPanel is the flagship Windows hosting control panel product of SMB SAAS Systems, Inc., a privately-held independent software vendor that creates innovative products, services, and technologies for Windows hosting companies and Software as a Service providers. DotNetPanel supports Exchange Server 2007, Windows SharePoint Services, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Internet Information Services 7.0, SmarterTools Bundle, Hyper-V VPS solution for complete Enterprise-level automation of virtualization, and now BlackBerry Enterprise Server. DotNetPanel offers a free express edition and commercially available standard and enterprise editions. For more information about DotNetPanel, visit

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