Global Survey of IT Leaders Reveals Most Successful Organisations Allocate More Budget to Outsourcing

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Web Hosting ToolsBerkshire, UK – New research findings reveal that most successful organisations allocate more budget to IT infrastructure outsourcing. Independent researchers, Vanson Bourne, compiled the study in February 2009 for Savvis, a global leader in IT infrastructure services for business applications.

Amongst the 314 IT decision makers surveyed in the United Kingdom, the United States and Singapore, as many as 51% think their companies are doing ‘well’ or ‘very well’ despite the global recession. Deeper analysis reveals a new breed of IT leader has emerged who is forward-thinking and understands how to use technology as a strategic business tool.

Key findings included:

* 67% of respondents state they are having to do more with less budget in 2009
* 32% more of the total IT budget is allocated to infrastructure outsourcing by IT organisations self identified as succeeding in the downturn
* 17% of the IT budget is on average attributed to outsourcing in the UK, 22% in the US and 27% in Singapore
* 52% of IT executives noted that the greatest cost savings will emanate from reducing infrastructure costs, reducing staff levels (49%) and a virtualisation strategy (44%)

“Savvis’ research shows that the IT leaders who report that their organisations are ‘doing well’ have taken a number of key measures to enable their companies to succeed during the downturn. A key component of this is adoption of an outsourced IT infrastructure model,” explains Melanie Posey, an industry analyst at IDC. “In contrast, IT leaders whose businesses are not doing well are focused to a greater extent on cost reduction rather than organisational transformation.”

Sixty two percent of respondents stated that trust and flexibility are key criteria of selecting an IT infrastructure supplier. Unsurprisingly, 68% found cost the most important factor. Organisations are also most likely to re-evaluate IT infrastructure outsourcing decisions to reduce costs (54%), when a new technology emerges (39%) or if they are unsatisfied with their current supplier relationships (39%).

“Establishing and maintaining close working relationships with your suppliers is perhaps the most powerful thing you can do. IT leaders are sometimes reluctant to fully leverage their vendors’ expertise, but I would urge them to do so because relationships with suppliers can provide much needed advice and expertise, which is invaluable in today’s business climate,” advised Posey.

The survey affirmed strong interest in Cloud Computing amongst IT executives with 83% of respondents in Singapore, 65% in the UK and 72% in the US stating that Cloud Computing will play an important future role in helping companies gain efficiencies and reduce cost.

“The survey confirms that organisations who outsource more IT infrastructure services are doing better than their counterparts by focusing IT resource on developing and managing business critical applications,” said Bryan Doerr, Chief Technology Officer at Savvis. “Many IT leaders are being forced to do more with less budget in 2009. Cloud Computing can help businesses achieve cost savings and efficiencies, and gain cost, control and end-user experience metrics, often in combination with traditional managed services.” added Doerr.

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