AIT Says Upgrade Now to Stay Competitive

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AITWebmaster ToolsFayetteville, NC – Over the last 14 years, AIT has seen and helped thousands of businesses grow, improve and profit. “We have helped start ups grow up to become million dollar companies using our Enterprise hosting and ecommerce solutions. AIT began as a grass roots movement. Our company culture, core values and technology were built from the ground up and forged on the basis of putting the customer first” according to Sean McCoy Chief marketing Officer. AIT is offering discounts of 20% to 40% on Hosted Exchange, Email Marketing Pro, and Anti-Spam Pro standard pricing to new and existing hosting plan customers. For more information call 1-800-878-4084 or email AIT at .

“I am always amazed at the ingenuity of entrepreneurs from selling health products, collectibles, motorcycles and real estate to providing dating, gaming and financial services. I have seen our business customers go from small brick and mortar storefronts to selling their products and services worldwide”, says Clarence Briggs CEO of AIT. Briggs continues, “These low cost yet very effective upgrades to the basic web hosting plan give our business customers a competitive advantage in their effort to sell more products and services to their customers”.

In today’s tough economic environment, the need to keep costs under control, increase productivity and revenues can be achieved with AIT’s new Enterprise Class servers and the web based programs of Hosted Exchange, Email Marketer Pro and Anti Spam Pro. Yet, businesses must spend money to let the world know how to contact them.

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Mailspect Adopts Sphinx Index Engine

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Webmaster ToolsNew Rochelle, NY – After thorough testing of the leading Open Source index engines, Mailspect Inc. has selected Sphinx as the search and retrieval engine for MPP, the Message Processing Platform. Sphinx is an Open Source project founded and maintained by Andrew Aksyonoff of Voronezh, Russia. It was designed from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with SQL databases and scripting languages. In addition, the Sphinx project is obsessed with performance in terms of speed and CPU density.

According to the Sphinx website, it can handle email stores of up to 100 million documents on a single CPU, can index incoming content at the rate of 10MB per second and offers very, very fast query retrieval times. The scalability and speed of the product are evidenced by its adoption by leading service providers like Craigslist, an affiliate of Yahoo! Jeremy Zawodny, a software engineer at Craigslist, has written an excellent article about Sphinx in Linux Magazine, in which he states that Sphinx remove d the ‘invisible glass ceiling’ in MySQL’s full-text indexing performance.

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USA.NET Unveils Enhanced Commercial Messaging Service 2.0

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Webmaster ToolsMilford, CT – USA.NET, a subsidiary of Perimeter, the leading provider of integrated messaging and collaboration services, today announced the availability of an enhanced version of its Commercial Messaging Service (CMS) 2.0, a lower cost webmail alternative to other business email solutions such as Microsoft Exchange, GroupWise and LotusNotes offerings.

“CMS 2.0 is a feature rich hosted messaging solution bundled with the best-in-class anti-virus and spam protection, as well as mobility, in one simple hosted package that includes the same attributes as other hosted email solutions on the market at a notably lower price. It’s a rock solid solution that has served hundreds of thousands of customers since it’s inception in 1996,” said Doug Howard, President of USA.NET and Chief Strategy Officer at Perimeter. “And CMS 2.0 can be branded to enforce the consistency with your company’s look and feel, offering the perfect way to build customer and employee loyalty through brand reinforcement. We have several affinity groups, non-profits, franchises and carriers that utilize the service today as part of their continued brand building efforts with their customers and members.”

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SAP Certifies SunGard Hosting Services – SunGard Now an SAP Hosting Partner in U.S.

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Webmaster ToolsWAYNE, Pa. – SunGard Availability Services has been certified by SAP AG to provide hosting services for SAP applications and is now an SAP hosting partner in the U.S. The certification was awarded following an assessment of SunGard’s infrastructure, procedures and technical staff by SAP. As an SAP hosting partner and an SAP-certified provider of hosting services, SunGard’s services are in line with SAP’s requirements for quality, availability and security.

SunGard’s managed application services provide customers with a comprehensive set of IT services for their critical SAP applications — including infrastructure design, deployment and migration, management, administration, monitoring, reporting and ongoing support. These services help organizations minimize day-to-day administration tasks, while helping ensure SAP applications run at a higher level of efficiency and availability. Customers also gain access to SunGard’s secure facilities and specialists who understand their application environments.

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Sun Microsystems Releases NetBeans 6.7

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Webmaster ToolsSANTA CLARA, Calif. – Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:JAVA) and the NetBeans(TM) developer community today announced the availability of the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 6.7. This new version of NetBeans features tight integration with Project Kenai, Sun’s collaborative hosting site for free and open source projects.

“The advances in the latest version of NetBeans will have a huge impact in the productivity of developers,” said Jim Parkinson, vice president of Developer Products and Programs at Sun. “The integration between NetBeans and Kenai allows developers to stay in their IDE and quickly navigate between, local code, bug reports, IM chats and project wikis. Instead of interruptions, interactions with code, or looking for project information, team members become a natural part of the developers’ workflow.”

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AvaHost Web Hosting Launches Virtual Private Server / VPS Hosting

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Webmaster ToolsHouston, TX – AvaHost has just launched VPS hosting, virtual private servers which offer a fantastic alternative to shared hosting, with pricing as low as $14.95 per month. This allows clients to enjoy the benefits of having control over hosting, right down to full root access.

AvaHost is a shared and reseller hosting service which has now expanded to offer a brand new product, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. As many users are looking low cost alternatives to shared hosting, this new product offers four different levels of hosting to meet user’s particular needs.

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ThinkGrid Launches Cloud Storage Service

June 30, 2009 by · Comments Off on ThinkGrid Launches Cloud Storage Service 

Webmaster ToolsLondon – ThinkGrid, provider of business IT on demand, today launches its cloud storage service for organisations that need to retain ever-increasing amounts of data, but lack the capital to invest in high-cost, on-site storage. Customers can now benefit from this enterprise-class data storage solution on a pay-as-you-go basis. The service is based on the Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform™ and offers a range of advantages, including back-up and disaster recovery as well as business collaboration. It can either be purchased as a standalone solution accessible from almost any device via an internet connection, including the iPhone and BlackBerry, or integrated with ThinkGrid’s full business IT on demand portfolio, which includes Hosted Desktop and Dynamic Server plans.

“Over recent years there has been a huge rise in the amount of digital information as individuals and businesses increase their dependence on IT. Similar to the way we use banks for keeping our hard earned cash, it’s becoming just as important to safeguard highly valuable data by keeping it stored in a secure, reliable location,” said David Pratt, COO at ThinkGrid. “At the same time, just like our money, we should be able to access this data whenever and wherever we need it. ThinkGrid Cloud Storage is designed to offer exactly this capability but without the pain of having to build and manage a complex infrastructure yourself. Businesses are free to focus on what they do best, confident in the knowledge that their IT is working in the background, helping them to stay efficient and competitive,” added Pratt.

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SafeID Aims To Protect Online Merchants From Fraudulent Purchases

June 30, 2009 by · Comments Off on SafeID Aims To Protect Online Merchants From Fraudulent Purchases 

Webmaster ToolsBOSTON, Massachusetts – Accucom Corporation announces the launch of SafeID, a new ID verification service designed to better protect online merchants from fraudulent purchases. The service dramatically improves the way e-commerce sites authenticate users with a simple code that seamlessly integrates the identity verification tool directly into a website’s checkout process.

SafeID authentication begins when a user’s name and email address are entered into the system during an intended purchase. From there, a series of five or six multiple choice questions are generated based on data from various sources and history of the potential purchaser. Depending on the integration, users will either take the test on the merchant’s site or receive it via email. Upon completion, the user’s score is made available to the merchant through their control panel, an API or by email which they can use to determine the customer’s authenticity.

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Equinix NY Area Data Center to Host CBOE’s New All-Electronic “C2” Exchange

June 29, 2009 by · Comments Off on Equinix NY Area Data Center to Host CBOE’s New All-Electronic “C2” Exchange 

Webmaster ToolsFoster City, CA – Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), a provider of global data center services, today announced that Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), the largest U.S. options exchange and creator of listed options, plans to locate electronic trading operations for its all-electronic exchange, currently known as “C2,” at the Equinix New York-4 (NY4) International Business Exchange (IBX®) data center in Secaucus, NJ. SEC approval of C2 is pending, and CBOE has not yet announced an official launch date for the new exchange.

C2’s participation in Equinix Financial eXchange at the NY4 center will provide the growing number of electronic trading firms in the center with direct proximity to CBOE’s C2 options products. Equinix Financial eXchange serves capital market participants such as exchanges, buy and sell side firms, market data providers, technology utilities and network service providers. These companies locate operations within Equinix data centers in order to implement a high-performance, low latency connectivity infrastructure within a neutral environment. In addition, the NY4 center can accommodate the latest power, cooling and space demands of the new generation of IT equipment, allowing financial companies to focus on their core competencies rather than on the increasingly complex management of a high-performance data center infrastructure.

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NetSuite OneWorld Is The First Production SaaS Business Suite To Earn Financial Certification In Germany

June 29, 2009 by · Comments Off on NetSuite OneWorld Is The First Production SaaS Business Suite To Earn Financial Certification In Germany 

Webmaster ToolsSAN MATEO, Calif. — NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), a leading vendor of cloud computing and integrated business software suites, today announced that NetSuite and NetSuite OneWorld have become the first generally available Software as a Service (SaaS) business management suites to be certified by the German Institute of Auditors (Institut der Wirtchaftsprüfer in Deutschland e.V.). The certification validates NetSuite suitability for use in regional divisions of multinational companies with operations in Germany, or for use by companies headquartered in Germany. NetSuite OneWorld is a complete business application with capabilities that span business functions across the enterprise from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Ecommerce , and offers businesses the opportunity to lower operating costs and eliminate capital expenditures associated with on-premise systems by moving key business processes to the Cloud.

The certification of NetSuite and NetSuite OneWorld for Germany is based on the German Auditing Standard 880, “Issue and Use of Software Attestation Reports” (IDW PS 880) issued by the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW), ensuring compliance with Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch), tax regulations defined in the Fiscal Code (Abgabenordnung), IDW Accounting Principles and generally accepted EDP-supported accounting and bookkeeping systems (GoBS). In principle, the Standard requires systems to provide controls, audit trail and reporting capabilities sufficient for a business to deploy Sarbanes-Oxley–like policies and procedures. The audit also covered the extraction of defined master data and transactional data from the system database into external files, allowing data relevant for taxation to be analyzed outside of NetSuite with standardized audit software routinely used by the German tax authority.

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