Aflexi Demonstrates CDN FlexiMart – Enables any Webhost or Service Provider to be a Content Delivery Network

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Web Hosting ToolsWashington, DC – Aflexi enables web hosts and service providers to create their own CDN that can instantly grow and change in response to customer and bandwidth needs.

At HostingCon, Aflexi will be demonstrating their new Aflexi FlexiMart platform for webhosts that enables them to purchase and market excess capacity, creating win-win situations and providing affordable CDN services among webhosting competitors. Web hosts will be able to monetize their excess server and bandwidth capacity.

“FlexiMart will help service providers and web hosts build new business relationships by marketing their web hosting services and excess bandwidth to other service providers and web hosts throughout the world,” says Whei Wong, CEO of Aflexi. “If a web host temporarily needs a few edge nodes in the Asia and Europe region for a possible traffic surge, they will be able to log on to Aflexi FlexiMart, and find the best deal. They may need a webhost in Asia and another one in Europe. Once they make the choice, the Aflexi CDN will transparently merge them to existing networks, scaling the web host’s infrastructure and enabling the hosting network to automatically and instantaneously expand to the Asia and Europe regions as needed.”

HostingCon Special Offer – For a limited time, Aflexi will be offering a special free trial period for the new Aflexi CDN Software that includes unlimited traffic. The new CDN software has added many new features of value to hosting and service providers. See and for details.

About Aflexi
Aflexi develops and provides content delivery solutions for ISPs and content distributors worldwide. The Aflexi CDN software optimizes website traffic across various ISPs and their POPs. The intelligent Alexi back-end system scrutinizes traffic patterns and visitor profiles, and can make the necessary adjustments in real time to ensure the highest possible delivery speeds and data quality. If a specific server or network becomes overloaded, the Aflexi system automatically reroutes incoming and outgoing traffic to the next available ISP, server or POP.

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