Bodhtree Partners with Kunalmittal to Expand and Serve CoE for SaaS and Cloud Computing Clients in US

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Web Host ServicesHyderabad – Bodhtree has teamed with Kunal Mittal to accelerate its SaaS and Cloud Computing business in the US market. Gartner forecasts the 2008cloud number at $46 billion, climbing to $150 billion by 2013. Bodhtree expects the partnership will expand its market reach and help deliver significant customer benefits that include much lower cost, faster time to market, and opportunities for creating new sources of value. The company also sees the US market as a major opportunity to expand its business growth worldwide.

Bodhtree’s Center of excellence (CoE) focuses on extending competency in the areas of SaaS and Cloud computing. CoE identifies technology trends and provides thought leadership, sets direction refine methodologies and processes for SaaS based solutions, also enabling companies to leverage our cloud computing services and share best practices. Bodhtree and Kunal have a unique product development methodology to deliver a basic version of your SaaS applications in 90 days (Idea-Product In 90), providing you a unique time to market opportunity for a saleable product.

Making the announcement Sanjiv Gupta Chairman of Bodhtree said our focus is to ensure our clients experience successful adoption of cloud technology. Our partnership with Kunal Mittal is aimed to bring significant business value to our existing customers and future partnerships for our center of excellence (CoE) in all the markets we operate. We are confident our existing and new customers in US will experience lot of associated benefits and economies in scaling under this new partnership.

Commenting on his new partnership agreement with Bodhtree Kunal Mittal, Technology Evangelist, said “The partnership with Bodhtree will offer cost efficient CoE for SaaS and Cloud Computing alternative for customers in the US. Bodhtree’s Expanded (CoE) offers services to rapidly define, build and deploy SaaS solutions in the Cloud”.

The CoE identifies technology trends and provides thought leadership, sets direction refine methodologies and processes for SaaS based solutions for various verticals and horizontal businesses, that enables companies to leverage cloud computing services and share best practices.

Raghavan Madabhushi, Head – SOA&DW, Bodhtree “ We expect the this new partnership will add tremendous value for startups and small-to-medium sized business by ‘going cloud’ with Bodhtree’s CoE. Our proven expertise will help companies to embrace our dedicated CoE, Kunal will help expedite delivery of SaaS based solution to our new partners for CoE in USA. We forsee ,in next two years 25% of our annual revenues coming out from Cloud and SaaS services”.

About Bodhtree Consulting Ltd.
Bodhtree offers IT services and solutions in the niche areas of business intelligence, data management, spend analytics, data warehousing, SOA consulting, CRM Consulting, document management, patent asset management and trademark asset management, testing and product development outsourcing. Bodhtree’s serves healthcare, pharmaceutical, hi-tech, manufacturing, government and media organizations across the world. Headquartered in India with sales offices in the U.S.A. and the U.K.,

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