rPath Delivers Release Automation, Targets Data Center Automation

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Web Host ServicesRALEIGH, N.C. – rPath, an innovator in automating application deployment and maintenance, today announced its campaign to deliver release automation solutions to enterprise organizations looking to reduce the time, cost and risk of application deployment and maintenance. In addition, rPath announced its strategy and roadmap for extending its unique system version controlled management model into the broader data center automation market. Code named Project Javelin, this strategy will yield the industry’s first fully version controlled data center automation solution, offering complete automation and control over creation, deployment and maintenance of IT systems—business service, application and enabling software, and configuration data—managed together under strong version control.

“Today, rPath is delivering a powerful version control-based release automation solution for enterprises looking to remove delay, cost and risk from application deployment and maintenance,” said Mike Torto, president and CEO of rPath. “Project Javelin will take on an even broader set of automation challenges that benefit from our unique approach to system version control. The result will be a simple, lightweight and effective alternative to today’s costly and cumbersome data center automation solutions with dramatically improved time to value.”

rPath for Release Automation

Available to enterprises today, rPath provides a complete release automation platform for low-overhead, highly controlled application deployment and maintenance processes.

Most IT leaders recognize that a manual approach to application deployment and maintenance simply doesn’t scale; particularly as the number of system instances grow, applications become more complex, and IT is being asked to reduce operating expenses. As a result, many IT leaders are looking to automate these processes. But many automation solutions simply apply basic scripts to existing processes, failing to address the inadequacy of the underlying processes themselves—and failing to deliver the predictability and control IT requires.

Based on a deep system versioning approach, the rPath solution for release automation enables:

* Automated dependency discovery
* Policy-based system construction
* Automated, incremental update of running systems
* Complete control over deployed systems, including rollback and reproduction
* On-demand provisioning of output formats for any physical, virtual or cloud target

A whitepaper describing rPath’s release automation solution is available at

The Project Javelin Roadmap

With Project Javelin, rPath will introduce the industry’s first solution for complete versioning of IT systems—from the business service down to the bare metal—providing a foundation for policy-driven IT and bringing complete automation and control to every level of the IT system.

Throughout 2010, Project Javelin will extend rPath into a new breed of data center automation challenges by applying its unique system versioning approach to:

* Business service management – How does IT address the added complexity of maintaining groups of interdependent systems that comprise a logical business service? rPath will elevate the principles of deep system versioning to include multi-system business services.
* Configuration control – How does IT tame the complex and dynamic “last mile” of run-time system configuration? rPath will extend the principles of deep system versioning to include configuration data describing network, storage and other run-time resources.
* Self-service provisioning – How does IT deliver the low-latency, self-service application deployment benefits business lines want, while ensuring control and compliance of the provisioning process? rPath will enable business lines to create and deploy their own business services on the fly, while ensuring IT retains policy-based control—from the business service to the bare metal.

A whitepaper describing rPath’s Project Javelin is available at

Brett Waldman, research analyst for IDC, said, “IT is confronted by the escalating costs and complexity of application deployment and maintenance, as well as the failure of manual methods to handle those tasks. Increasingly, companies are looking to automate these processes, turning to new models that address the management and enforcement of policies, deep understanding of systems definitions and dependencies, strong version control, and related issues. Automating the management of these dependencies is the only way to handle escalating complex networks with limited internal resources.”

About rPath
rPath automates application deployment and maintenance across physical, virtual and cloud environments. rPath’s innovative release automation platform is based on the industry’s only commercial version control repository for managing deployed software systems. The result is an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective automation solution for rapid, low-risk and low-overhead deployment and maintenance of complex applications. rPath dramatically improves responsiveness to business lines, reduces compliance risks, and allows resource-constrained IT organizations to significantly reduce operating costs and “do more with less.” Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, rPath has 70+ customers including some of the world’s largest enterprises and ISVs.

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