SoftLayer™ Extends API to Manage Cloud Services

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Softlayer 190x60 LogoWeb Hosting ToolsDALLAS — SoftLayer™ today extended its industry-leading Application Programming Interface (API) to enable control of the company’s CloudLayer™ Computing and CloudLayer Storage services. The API is an interface that allows customers to give their systems automatic, remote access and control of SoftLayer services. It integrates with third-party and custom software, providing seamless provisioning, management, monitoring, and information retrieval from SoftLayer systems including accounting, inventory, DNS management, and many others.

The SoftLayer API features:
– 87 Services
– 363 Data Types
– 1282 Methods

The SoftLayer API supports:
– REST with JSON / XML output

“The API we give customers is the same API that we use for our internal applications. And because of that, it will always let them leverage the same automation and services available in our portal,” said Nathan Day, SoftLayer Chief Technology Officer. “That’s a different approach to than most of the industry. This isn’t an afterthought or stripped down accessory—it’s core to our model of giving customers the ultimate control over their data center services.”

Many service providers’ APIs offer fewer than a hundred control methods, many offering only 10 or fewer, and mostly provide the ability to retrieve simple information such as account and hardware information, bandwidth graphs, and handle reboots. SoftLayer’s API has advanced features that allow customers to develop more detailed interaction and automation with their SoftLayer solutions. Advantages and uses of SoftLayer’s API include:
– Interaction with partners, vendors, and customers
– Streamlined operations through process automation and systems integration
– Opportunities to leverage open architectures
– Secure, flexible access
– DNS, CDN, remote storage, and security management

About SoftLayer Technologies
Headquartered in Plano, Texas, SoftLayer delivers world-class, on-demand virtual data center services on a global basis from facilities located in Dallas, TX; Seattle, WA; and Washington, DC. SoftLayer integrates all facets of IT to innovate industry-leading solutions that are fully automated. This empowers customers with complete control, security, scalability, and ease-of-management for their IT environment. For more information please visit or call 866.398.7638.

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