Vision Helpdesk Partners with Mollom to Combat SPAM!

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Web Host ServicesINDIA – , the developers of leading helpdesk software — Vision, today announced their new partnership with

Vision Helpdesk integrates with Mollom to offer “Anti-Spam Plug-in“. The Company claims that “The Anti-Spam plug-in is capable of stopping spam and unwanted content in all languages”.

Vision Helpdesk is the ultimate modern help desk software, capable of handling multiple companies with various support areas and organize staff to their zones allowing the highest efficiency for support ticket replies. “Vision” provides the optimum combination of call management automation, functionality and flexibility, delivering a comprehensive Helpdesk solution that satisfies most of the IT service management requirements.

Mollom is a well thought Anti-Spam system. It provides a one stop solution for all spam problems – It is a web service that helps you identify content quality and, more importantly, helps you stop spam on your blog, social network or community website.

“SPAM is not just a pain but a serious security risk” said Company HR Preeti Sharma — She added further — “SPAM can cause a serious damage to an organization’s infrastructure: clogging mailboxes, defrauding recipients, overloading systems, reducing employee productivity and much more..” She said — “Considering spam as a biggest threat for email systems – we decided to develop Anti-Spam plug-in which will help our users to combat spam efficiently and it will also save their time they spent on deleting spam emails”.

Further she said — “Integration of two software’s plays an important role in today’s online business. The integration not only increases the features but also improves control over the operations flow. Keeping this in mind we are looking forward to integrate Vision with other leading software’s that will benefit users to a large extent in their day to day helpdesk activities”.

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