EvoSwitch Data Center Appoints New Managing Director

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Web Hosting Tools Amsterdam – EvoSwitch, the carrier-neutral data center in Amsterdam that operates fully CO2-neutral, has appointed Eric Boonstra (44) to the position of Managing Director as of 1 September 2009. He was initially hired as Commercial Director at the beginning of 2009. His promotion is related to the expansion of EvoSwitch

Since its establishment at the beginning of 2007, general management duties at the energy-efficient data center have been handled by one of the owners of EvoSwitch. Due to the international growth ambitions of EvoSwitch, the parent company, OCOM Group, decided to transfer general management responsibilities to Eric Boonstra. Practically speaking, this will result in a major expansion of Boonstra’s responsibilities.

Boonstra was hired by EvoSwitch on 1 March 2009 as Commercial Director. In this position, he was given the responsibility of further expanding EvoSwitch’s existing client portfolio, with a focus not only on the Netherlands but in particular on the international portfolio. In his new position as Managing Director of EvoSwitch, he will also be responsible for the operational side of the data center. He will be supported in this regard by an Operations Manager, who is yet to be appointed.

“I am of course quite pleased that the owners of EvoSwitch have demonstrated their confidence in me in this manner,” says Managing Director Eric Boonstra. “My new position will enable me to effectively coordinate the operational and commercial aspects of the data center and ensure that our sales team can respond optimally to our clients’ wishes. In addition, the new position provides a solid basis for realizing the international growth ambitions which have been defined by the parent company, the OCOM Group. As a result, the owners of EvoSwitch will be free to realize the desired international expansion, and I will be able to focus on further upgrading the professional excellence of the organization.”

“It is no secret that our long-term ambition is to expand our presence at various international locations,” explains Boonstra. “Our growth ambitions also target the US market.”

EvoSwitch still has a great deal of capacity for expansion in the region of Amsterdam, not only in terms of the square meters of floor space available but also in terms of further expanding the power capacity. Nevertheless, EvoSwitch thinks it is already necessary to look for external expansion opportunities. Boonstra: “We serve large clients such as Wikipedia and Koninklijke Joh. Enschedé. These enterprises and other clients with international sales markets often wish to satisfy their data center requirements at various geographical locations, due to the need for redundancy or in order to reduce latency effects. We aim to satisfy these needs.”

Market conditions for expansion are favorable at present. Boonstra: “EvoSwitch is a financially sound company exhibiting strong growth in the present economic recession, and it has promising future growth perspectives. EvoSwitch has a strong brand name which stands for innovation in the area of cooling efficiency and energy savings. Multiple clients in the US and England are very familiar with EvoSwitch and know what we can do for them. In addition, present market conditions in combination with the good solvency of our own organization offer an excellent opportunity to invest in further expansion under favorable conditions.”

Until 1 March 2009, Boonstra worked as Branch Director at Alfa Delta Compendium, where he managed a business unit which provided purchasing process support and advice to various companies, including banks and insurance, IT and logistics companies.

About EvoSwitch
EvoSwitch is a carrier and climate neutral data center. The data center is energy saving and has a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.6, aiming towards a PUE of 1.2. EvoSwitch is located in the Amsterdam area, has good connections, a 20 Megawatt power capacity, and an ample floor surface exceeding 9,000 square meters. EvoSwitch is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. For customers, this means that their IT infrastructure at EvoSwitch is protected following the highest security standards. EvoSwitch’s operations are fully climate neutral. In collaboration with the Climate Neutral Group, the data center invests in global projects to restore the CO2 balance in the atmosphere. EvoSwitch customers can use the logos in the partner program The Green Fan on their website to demonstrate that they use a climate neutral data center. In January 2009, a report issued by the German Federal Ministry of the Environment described EvoSwitch as one of the world’s eleven most energy saving data centers. In the Netherlands, EvoSwitch joined a group of 16 leading ICT companies in signing the Multi Year Energy Efficiency Agreement (MJA) of the Ministry for Economic Affairs. The MJA aims to realize 30% energy efficiency over a period of fifteen years.

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