Expertise Drives Gaming Publishers to Select GNi for Virtual World Infrastructures

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Web Hosting ToolsSAN JOSE, Calif. – Whether it’s the wonders of an expansive world or the tactical maps of frantic first-person shooters, prominent gaming developers are partnering with GNi, a leading provider of IaaS hosting solutions, to host their virtual landscapes. With online gaming revenue up 120 percent this year, GNi has established itself as an expert in the infrastructure and services required to support major MMO and other online games such as Darkfall and Runes of Magic. Serving many of the top names in online gaming, GNi recently expanded relationships with current customers, as well as signed a number of new customers, including Aventurine, Frogster, and 3D Duo.

For customers like Frogster, GNi is a trusted partner for IaaS hosting solutions. “As a leading publisher of MMOGs and virtual worlds, we require absolute uptime and peak data center performance in order to support our users, and GNi delivers – in its infrastructure, service level guarantees, and expertise in our market,” said Andreas Weidenhaupt, CEO of Frogster Online Gaming.

The demand for stable hosting solutions is compelling developers, from North America to Europe, to seek the most stable and reliable platform that will deliver unmatched uptime and session continuity. As a global leader in supporting and running MMOG – a 1.4 billion dollar industry – GNi’s market-leading expertise in gaming helps ensure its gaming customers are well-positioned to grow adoption and distribution for their next generation titles.

“In our world, reliability and scalability are the name of the game,” said Robert Yusin, General Manager of Field Operations at GNi. “Our clients rely on our time-tested infrastructure that continues to scale as developers push the gaming envelope; it’s our business to understand and support gaming worlds while they evolve with content patches and expansions. I’m pleased that game developers worldwide are embracing our IaaS leadership to provide unmatched service and support to ensure their business never encounters a ‘game over’ scenario.”

About GNi
GNi is the leading dedicated hosting provider for more than 200 companies in online games, Software-as-a-Service, Web 2.0, and Online Digital Media. GNi’s infrastructure supports more than 12.8 million registered users, 425,000 concurrent connected users at peak capacity, and more than 27 online game titles. GNi delivers rapid scalability with uncompromised performance. GNi solutions thrive in the most demanding online environments and offer a variety of smart systems including rapid on-boarding and deployment. GNi is headquartered in San Jose, California, with infrastructure facilities and support offices located across the globe.

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