Support the Most Demanding Server Environments With New Codero Network Configurations

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CoderoHosting Tools OVERLAND PARK, KS – Codero unveils new server networks improving security, performance, backup and ongoing management for any dedicated hosting scenario. Three custom network configurations are designed to support complex business applications requiring multiple servers. Load-Balanced is fully redundant maintaining network traffic on high-capacity mail and web servers. High Availability is designed for marketing campaigns, high-traffic stores and data-demanding applications. The Cluster network configuration supports social media hosting, large databases and mission-critical infrastructure with optimum privacy.

“These custom configurations are perfect for the medium-to-large enterprise,” says Taylor Giddens, Director, Dedicated Services for Codero. “Whether to secure core data, handle spikes in traffic or support thousands of users at once, each server network delivers a flexible solution with an emphasis on uptime.”

Codero’s network configurations feature high-quality components including dedicated load balancing, Cisco firewall, EVault managed backup, 100MB switch, Gigabit Private VLAN and database (dynamic, replication or cluster). All server setups are available as Linux or Windows and may be further customized to meet any business need. Read more

Network Solutions® Names Kurt Gastrock as New Senior Vice President

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Network SolutionsHosting ToolsHERNDON, Va. – Network Solutions® announced today that Kurt Gastrock has been named Senior Vice President, with responsibilities spanning three key areas: Product, Sales and Wholesale. Gastrock will be a catalyst for product innovation and customer growth. He is charged with extending the company’s suite of products and services through online and new sales channels and developing new private label offerings to a growing portfolio of partners.

“Kurt brings a wealth of experience in product development and channel strategy to the company,” said Tim Kelly, President of Network Solutions. “He is a great complement to the existing team members.”

Network Solutions is focused on providing businesses with quality products and services that make it easy for them to establish and grow their companies using the Internet. The product portfolio spans a wide range of services – from web hosting to online marketing services – that are supported with free, 24/7 customer service support, certified by JD Power & Associates year after year. Read more

ORCS Web Selected to Offer Microsoft WebsiteSpark Hosting Program

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Hosting Tools CHARLOTTE, N.C. – ORCS Web Inc., a specialist in Microsoft Windows-based Internet hosting solutions for businesses, has been selected by Microsoft to participate in the WebsiteSpark Hosting Program. The program offers various benefits including visibility, support and software tools that companies can utilize simply by being ORCS Web clients.

Microsoft WebsiteSpark is a global program designed to help small professional Web development and design service companies succeed. It provides new business opportunities through connections with global partners and customers, support and training, and software tools at no upfront cost. Members receive access to broad community support through connections with network partners, hosting partners and peers with complimentary services and technologies. WebsiteSpark also provides access to a technology offering for the development and production hosting of Web sites. ORCS Web customers can take advantage of the many software benefits of the program which include: Read more

Q9 Opens New Calgary Data Center

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Hosting Tools TORONTO – Q9 Networks Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of its third data centre in the Calgary area. The data centre, which opened just two years after Q9 launched its second Calgary data centre, has a potential total capacity of more than 10,000 cabinet equivalents.

The first phase of the data centre, representing an investment of $50 million, including land and a building, will support 1,200 cabinet equivalents. More than 38 per cent of the capacity in the first phase has already been reserved by new and existing customers. Additional capacity will be brought on-stream as required. Read more

SmarterMail Adds Commtouch Zero-hour Antivirus to Email Security

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Hosting Tools PHOENIX – SmarterTools Inc. is proud to announce an agreement with Commtouch to provide Zero-hour Virus Outbreak Protection with its SmarterMail mail server as an optional add-on for those users that want to enhance the software’s out-of-the-box antivirus functionality.

“Hosting providers, enterprises, and small to medium sized businesses bear the brunt of growing amounts of malicious mail, which can overwhelm their infrastructure and expose them to unnecessary threats. Now SmarterMail administrators can extend virus protection measures to include Commtouch’s Recurrent Pattern Detection technology, which blocks zombie and virus attacks with superior detection rates and low false positives,” said Tim Uzzanti, CEO of SmarterTools. Read more

Aestiva Announces Hosting Services for Building Corporate Apps

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Hosting Tools TORRANCE, Calif. – Aestiva Software – creator of the HTML/OS programming language for web-browser-based corporate software applications – announced today a new generation of hosting called “Cloud Hosting.” The new generation is built around the HTML/OS rapid-application-development environment. Unlike current hosting services, Cloud Hosting is suited to custom applications. Aestiva says HTML/OS is the world’s easiest to use language for creating browser-based multi-user software making it ideal for this new generation of hosting.

Aestiva hopes Cloud Hosting will reduce software application development costs by as much as 90 percent, bringing custom development costs “down to earth.” Also, unlike Cloud Computing offerings, this new generation of Cloud Hosting is based on the HTML/OS standard. Applications developed on a Cloud Hosting service can be moved in house or to another provider. Read more

CSC Launches Cloud Assessment Service to Identify Choices and Risks For Companies Moving to Cloud Computing

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Hosting Tools FALLS CHURCH, Va. – Expanding on its current Cloud service offerings, CSC (NYSE:CSC) today announced it will launch a Cloud Adoption Assessment Service to help companies across the world identify the right business process and IT services when moving to the Cloud.

CSC’s Cloud Adoption Assessment gives businesses a head start in understanding the complexity of the Cloud Computing ecosystem. The new service performs a process-centric analysis of a company’s existing technology set-up using a Suitability Scorecard. By focusing on business processes, rather than on infrastructures or architectures, CSC creates a top-down assessment that maps to the company’s strategic objectives. Originally developed in the UK, the service will be made available to companies across Europe, Australia and the USA beginning in late November. Read more

NaviSite’s Managed Hosting and CDN Services Handle Huge Demand Spike for Women’s Organization

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NaviSiteHosting Tools –  ANDOVER, MA – NaviSite, Inc. (NASDAQ: NAVI), a leading provider of cloud-enabled enterprise-hosting and application-management services, today announced the successful deployment of content delivery network (CDN) services for Women for Women International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women overcome the devastating effects of war and poverty. With close to two decades of operation, Women for Women International has raised and distributed millions of dollars, and in recent years has leveraged the Internet as a significant part of its overall fundraising strategy. Its website ( describes the Women for Women International programs that support its overall mission, while also serving as a donation mechanism, which is managed by a certified financial institution.

Women for Women International knew from previous experience that its upcoming appearance on a popular, nationally syndicated talk show could generate performance-degrading traffic spikes. The organization’s larger concern was that it was impossible to predict, with any degree of accuracy, the amount of traffic the television exposure would generate. Women for Women International would receive only a few days’ notice of its appearance, and did not know how much airtime it would receive. Overbuilding to meet nonexistent demand would consume a lot of already tight resources, but failing to meet demand would be even more devastating.

With a very tight deadline and uncertainty about its requirements, Women for Women International turned to NaviSite, its trusted Managed Web Hosting provider. NaviSite quickly deployed a CDN — in just a few days — ensuring that everything was up and running by the morning of the television broadcast. Read more

The Planet Adds Microsoft’s Newest Operating System to Portfolio

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Hosting Tools HOUSTON – The Planet, the global leader in IT hosting, today expanded its portfolio of products and services with the addition of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. The new operating system is available to all dedicated hosting customers across the company’s eight SAS 70 Type II-audited data centers.

Windows Server 2008 R2 enables dynamic provisioning and management of virtual workloads with the much-anticipated update to Microsoft’s Hyper-V™. With its Live Migration-enabling technology, moves between physical hosts now happen in milliseconds. As the first Windows Server operating system with a true 64-bit architecture, R2 also offers powerful hardware and scaling features.

“Our customers around the world are always looking for ways to do more with less, and Windows Server 2008 R2 is optimized to meet those demands,” said Todd Mitchell, general manager for dedicated hosting and global services at The Planet. “As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we stay in lockstep with new technologies from Microsoft to give our customers more ways to reduce operating costs and increase efficiencies.” Read more

Gogax offers FREE KVM Over IP on dedicated servers

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Hosting Tools Montreal, Canada – Gogax, a Canadian dedicated server provider is offering “total control” of its dedicated servers to customers through KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) over IP technology. Gogax includes this option at no cost on all its regular server offerings. It is a permanent kvm over ip which is installed on the server’s motherboard, making it accessible at all time with no requirement for our techs to plug in an external kvm over IP, giving customers total peace of mind.

With KVM over IP, customers will be able to have remote access to their dedicated server to install and run applications, troubleshoot all the way down to BIOS-level, reinstall the server operating system, view system health status, remote media features and much more… Read more

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