Aestiva Announces Hosting Services for Building Corporate Apps

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Hosting Tools TORRANCE, Calif. – Aestiva Software – creator of the HTML/OS programming language for web-browser-based corporate software applications – announced today a new generation of hosting called “Cloud Hosting.” The new generation is built around the HTML/OS rapid-application-development environment. Unlike current hosting services, Cloud Hosting is suited to custom applications. Aestiva says HTML/OS is the world’s easiest to use language for creating browser-based multi-user software making it ideal for this new generation of hosting.

Aestiva hopes Cloud Hosting will reduce software application development costs by as much as 90 percent, bringing custom development costs “down to earth.” Also, unlike Cloud Computing offerings, this new generation of Cloud Hosting is based on the HTML/OS standard. Applications developed on a Cloud Hosting service can be moved in house or to another provider.

The service is also ideal for corporate managers who want to set up a development site or build and test applications quickly without having to engage their internal IT department’s resources, says the company.

“A goal of Aestiva’s Cloud Hosting partner program is to dramatically simplify the process of building and deploying corporate web-browser-based applications,” says David Silverberg, President of Aestiva.

The first Cloud Hosting services are set to come on-line in the next thirty days.

About Aestiva Software
Founded in 1996, Aestiva serves thousands of customers worldwide. The company specializes in 100% browser-native technology that can be installed with limited or no IT overhead. For information on HTML/OS see the web site.

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