Moderro to Showcase Internet Cloud Computer at GTEC Show

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Web Host Blog OTTAWA, CANADA – Moderro Technologies, a developer of cloud computing technology and services will showcase its Xpack Cloud Terminal at GTEC, Canada’s leading conference and exhibition of technology for government.

The Xpack is an integrated hardware, operating system and web management solution for the cloud desktop. The Moderro Xpack is part of a new wave of virtual technologies that are proving to be valuable assets for government institutions and public venues that require a simple, secure, green technology solution for libraries, kiosks and government information centers.

Moderro’s approach is attracting government customers because was built specifically for public areas, taking into consideration space constraints, noise, software reliability, security from attacks and malware, aesthetics, energy-efficiency and manageability.

According to Info-Tech Research group 30% of IT leaders are planning to implement desktop virtualization by the end of 2010. Among the technologies available for virtualization are “thin clients” that shift the complexity from desktop to the server. Moderro is taking a different approach to virtualization by providing a completely autonomous device and does away with reliance on back-room servers and complicated software licensing.

“The Xpack is making headway within the Canadian library system and other public venues because of the extra steps we took to make it a robust and secure system, “ Sina Safari, Director of Moderro Canada. “We developed our own operating system and system management solution to eliminate un-necessary complexities. Our custom browser OS protects organizations from viruses and malware, while our built-in mechanisms for management provide an organization with the tools to tighten access and security as they deem necessary.”

The Moderro Xpack Computer is about the size of a paperback. It weighs around 3 lbs and consumes on average 13W of power. It includes a USB keyboard, mouse and a VESA mount, which allows the hardware enclosure to be mounted to the back of the LCD display. Communications capabilities include WiFi Antenna and 100/1000 Ethernet. The Xpack is also a solid state device (SSD), meaning that there are no moving parts to ensure reliability especially when used as a public terminal or kiosk solution.

Moderro Xpack is powered by the Moderro Browser OS, which provides a “desktop-in-a-browser” environment, giving the users a familiar feel of the desktop when interacting with internet resources and applications.

Moderro offers hosted and on-premise management options. With the hosted option, there’s no server to install, or upgrades to maintain – the administrator simply logs on to the site to manage the CPUs remotely. System maintenance can be performed automatically and does not require physical access to the CPU. Management system takes care of the upgrade.

Xpack is available direct from Moderro. Moderro Xpack is $595 (CAN) and comes with peripheral, mounting hardware, software, 1 year hosted management service, and 2 year standard warranty.

About Moderro
Moderro Technologies, headquartered in Milpitas, California, builds and markets products and services designed to facilitate transition and adoption of web computing. Moderro differentiates itself by offering Cloud Computing Desktop experience enclosed in optimized stylish hardware with low-power consumption. Its Internet Desktop is designed to break the web applications out of confines of a typical browser, providing multiple ways of interacting with web applications and content, as well as a way to configure simplified kiosk-style desktops.

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