UNIXy Announces the Geographical Failover Challenge

October 12, 2009 by  

Hosting Blog Houston, Texas – UNIXy announced today the inauguration of the cPanel Geographical Failover Challenge. The challenge aims to educate and showcase live the effectiveness of its cross-datacenter failover platform. The platform leverages geographically dispersed but concerted world-class facilities to maintain a genuine 99.99% uptime over a period of two years.

A front-end dynamic portal running on the UNIXy failover platform is accessible to the public. Internet users across the world are encouraged to post comments on the portal and interact with the UNIXy crew. As we aim for data integrity and consistency should a disruption occur, content will automatically be replicated and preserved over time. A third-party public uptime report is also presented on the challenge portal.

The UNIXy platform is built on top of cPanel, the industry leading Web hosting control panel. The platform is compatible with online forums, blog portals, e-commerce stores, and virtually all database-driven portals. While the failover platform is being showcased at, it is also being offered on our Shared, VPS, and dedicated product lines.

Failover is a mechanism that ensures service continuity whereby single-point failures are eliminated. There are several types of failover mechanisms but the most resilient configuration takes a holistic approach and spans geographical locations. History has shown that no single facility is capable of achieving 99.99% all-around uptime. Geographical failover, however, is a redundant system that ensures survivability should any kind of disruption occur. Geographical failover eliminates all weaknesses inherent to natural disasters, man-made disasters, and technical failures.

About UNIXy
UNIXy has been managing all aspect of servers and infrastructure on behalf of businesses and entrepreneurs since 2006. We pride ourselves in the work and effort we put in keeping your servers available and secure. Our customers enjoy the benefits of our stellar support and the fully managed service. Our support crew is very friendly and helpful. We believe that going the extra mile, humanizing support, and treating our customers with care goes a long way towards reaching that goal. Our smallest plan offerings have plenty of resources to empower strong business growth.

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