Web Host, Rochen, Employs Rebootless Update Technology

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Hosting Tools Dallas, TX – Rochen, a web hosting provider specializing in premium shared and reseller hosting as well as enterprise hosting, announced that today it has signed an agreement with Ksplice, a start-up that provides a new technology called Uptrack for keeping operating systems up to date without the need to reboot.

The use of the new Uptrack technology removes the need to deploy kernel updates manually as well as the need to reboot servers to initialize an update, meaning updates are deployed faster and without downtime. Now, when kernel updates are distributed by an operating system vendor, the wait time for them to be deployed is almost eliminated.

“Deploying Kpslice’s Uptrack technology across all of our servers will allow Linux Kernel security updates to be rolled out faster to our customers than ever before, without any downtime or disruption in service due to reboots,” says Chris Adams, CEO, Rochen Ltd.

The technology will be used across all of Rochen’s servers, including shared and reseller, as well as Managed Virtual Servers, Rochen’s proactively managed VPS service. There will be no additional charge for Rochen customers.

“Now that Rochen’s servers are protected with Ksplice Uptrack, their customers can get the critical security benefits of the latest OS updates without the disruption of rebooting. Hosting companies that aren’t constantly innovating like Rochen simply can’t serve their customers as well,” says Waseem Daher, COO, Ksplice Inc.

This is especially beneficial for customers looking to host Joomla powered websites. Rochen is the official web hosting provider for the Joomla open source content management system. Rochen also announced today that they will be one of the lead sponsors of Joomla’s Developer Conference on December 5th and 6th 2009 in New York City.

For more information about Rochen and its web hosting services, visit the website at:

To learn more about the Ksplice Uptrack technology, visit the website at:

About Rochen Ltd.
Rochen is a specialist in “performance hosting”, providing premium business hosting, reseller hosting, virtualized computing and enterprise hosting solutions with a focus on Joomla! and other dynamic scripts. They own and manage their servers and don’t simply rent hardware from a larger data center. Rochen only invests in the best quality Supermicro enterprise-grade hardware and performance tunes all of their servers to ensure sites are served fast and reliably. Rochen maintains geographically diverse data centers in Dallas, Texas in the United States and London, England in the United Kingdom. When ordering a plan from Rochen customers can choose to either host on a US or UK server.

About Ksplice Inc.
Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Ksplice is an enterprise software company offering to make systems more secure, reliable, and maintainable through seamless updates. Organizations use Ksplice Uptrack, Ksplice’s first product, to keep their Linux systems up to date and secure without incurring the disruption and downtime of rebooting.

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