Caspio Introduces Breakthrough SEO Technology for Cloud Database Apps

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Webmaster News Mountain View, Calif. – Caspio, Inc., provider of the leading cloud computing platform for creating web applications without programming, today announced the release of its groundbreaking new SEO deployment method, empowering web publishers to easily make their data available to the largest possible audience.

Caspio’s platform is used by professionals world-wide as a simple yet powerful platform to build dynamic database applications and deploy them on any website. However, limitations surrounding search engine optimization for dynamically generated pages has hindered the ability to utilize data to its full potential. Caspio is breaking this barrier by providing an easy, programming-free way for customers to make their data accessible to search engines, generate organic traffic, and better monetize their data assets.

“Data publishers demand all possible ways to make their data accessible, and SEO-enabled data can mean the difference between a successful or failing operation,” said Frank Zamani, founder and CEO of Caspio. “Caspio’s new SEO deployment model is a game-changer, opening up unlimited possibilities for our customers to reach search engine users and leverage their data in profitable business ventures.”

SEO deployment is available now to Caspio Bridge Professional or higher packages starting at $189.95 per month, and a free 14-day trial is available at

Caspio also provides various resources to help optimize SEO deployment results, including a free sitemap generator utility, comprehensive best practices documentation, world-class technical support, and free customer training and project consultations.

Caspio’s new SEO deployment method further strengthens the company’s position as the leading provider of innovative and advanced functionalities for on-demand database applications. Caspio’s deployment options include a unique and highly-popular embedded method that today seamlessly integrates over 200,000 web applications directly into customer websites.

An established PaaS pioneer since 2000, Caspio has been first-to-market with many state-of-the-art technologies and tools that have changed the web landscape, including:
• Fully-functional AJAX database in a browser
• Largest variety of flexible deployment options to any website anywhere
• One-click enabling of SSL and other security features
• Free image and audio CAPTCHA security
• One-click application styling
• One-click application localization

The company is also announcing today the release of its latest version of Caspio Bridge 6.5, which includes many exciting new features, such as enhanced data import/export wizards, new data import formats for Microsoft Excel and XML data, editing capabilities within multi-table views, smart hidden fields, and many more. Caspio Bridge 6.5 is available now and all customer accounts have been automatically upgraded to the new version. For more information about the new features, visit

About Caspio, Inc.
Caspio, Inc. is the world’s leading on-demand do-it-yourself web application creation platform. The company’s philosophy is to empower business users to create and deploy web databases, forms, and applications easily and without programming. Caspio’s platform-as-a-service replaces coding with intuitive point-and-click wizards, enabling users to rapidly produce web database components for capturing, publishing, and managing data online. Caspio shrinks development time from weeks to hours, and from thousands of dollars to a small monthly fee. Caspio’s customers range from one-person entrepreneurs to Fortune-500 corporations, digital media giants, government agencies, and educational institutions.

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