New Nexus Solution Center in Irvine Offers Advanced Technologies to Enable Virtualization and Cloud Computing

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Web Hosting ToolboxIRVINE, Calif. – Nexus, the leading provider of Advanced Technologies (AT) in the U.S., today announced the launch of the Nexus Solution Center in Irvine to help enterprises grow their Data Center 3.0 capabilities.

“The new Nexus Solution Center in Irvine provides the Advanced Technologies that leading enterprise organizations today are implementing, including those that enable cloud computing and virtualization environments,” said Steven Patterson, the Director of the Data Center Practice at Nexus. “IT decision makers in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area can now turn to the Nexus Solution Center to help enable the various connections to their infrastructure across multiple converged networks.”

Over the last decade, the rise of Internet and Web-based technologies has made the data center more strategic than ever, improving productivity, enhancing business processes, and accelerating change.

“Data centers are the strategic focus of IT efforts to protect, optimize, and grow the organization’s most valued assets, the data,” Patterson said. “Just as important are the new ways that organizations can create connectivity to their data without creating more complexity. Nexus collaborates with the industry leaders in data center solutions to create platforms that increase efficient expansion and provides highly available, resilient platforms, all while reducing real estate, power, and cooling costs of the data center.”

Data center virtualization is the basis for the transformation of the data center into a service-oriented infrastructure and a key enabler for automation and lights-out operations. By virtualizing data center infrastructure and decoupling applications and data from the physical resources they run on, IT can deliver and maintain data center services more efficiently, resiliently, and dynamically. The benefits of virtualization for enterprise IT organizations such as those in the public and healthcare sectors include lower total cost of ownership, improved operational resilience, and a more agile infrastructure.

“The infrastructure architecture in our Irvine Solution Center allows Nexus to demonstrate how organizations can protect critical applications and confidential data, enhance data center operational efficiencies, and rapidly create new secure application environments to support new business processes,” Patterson said.

About Nexus IS, Inc.
As a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, Nexus is currently one of the few Cisco Partners that hold a Masters Specialization in Unified Communications. This designation recognizes Nexus for its in-depth sales capabilities, technology skills and service offerings, as well as proven experience and investment in training and personnel needed to meet the growing global demand for highly sophisticated, applications-based unified communications solutions. Nexus holds specializations in Unified Communications, Data Center, Wireless, and VPN/Security; and is an Advanced Technology Partner for Unified Contact Center, TelePresence, and MeetingPlace. Additionally, Nexus partners with industry leaders Cisco, EMC, Microsoft, and NEC Unified Solutions to ensure its customers are provided the most comprehensive and up-to-date technology. For additional information, please visit

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