VeriSign(R) Identity Protection to Safeguard MarkMonitor(R) Customers

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Web Hosting ToolboxMOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN) today announced that MarkMonitor®, the global leader in enterprise brand protection, is strengthening the online authentication it offers to customers by joining the VeriSign® Identity Protection (VIP) Network.

As a VIP Network member, MarkMonitor can offer its customers strong, two-factor authentication whenever they log into the MarkMonitor site to manage their domains or hosted services. By going beyond standard log-ins, VIP authentication makes it harder for hackers and fraudsters to access customer account data and potentially inflict costly damage to a company’s image, brand and bottom line.

Provided by VeriSign as a cloud-based authentication service, VIP enables enterprises to strengthen typical username and password account access with an additional factor of authentication using a unique one-time password (OTP) generated by a user’s VIP security credential. Because logging on with two-factor authentication requires something the user knows (username and password) and something the user has (VIP credential), VIP has been proven effective against unauthorized access to online accounts and VPNs.

“Vigilance in defending our customers’ brands and Internet presence requires remaining a step ahead of those who want to wrongly profit from a company’s brand and online presence,” said Frederick Felman, chief marketing officer at MarkMonitor. “Adding two-factor authentication provides another weapon to our security arsenal, and offers our customers an easy and convenient way to dramatically increase security. VIP offers strong, proven protection that is easily implemented, and we’re excited we will be offering it.”

By leveraging the cloud-based service, VIP makes it easy for companies to quickly deploy and scale strong authentication, which speeds time to market. Most importantly, VIP significantly reduces the cost and management barriers of implementing two-factor authentication, eliminating the need for additional capital investment and lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).

“MarkMonitor helps companies battle the evolving threats to their brands and businesses, and implementing VIP to deter fraudulent activity is a key step in this ongoing fight,” said Kerry Loftus, vice president of User Authentication at VeriSign. “By joining the VIP Network and deploying proven two-factor authentication, MarkMonitor will make it vastly more difficult for scammers to gain access to customer accounts. Businesses that understand the real cost of fraud protect their sites and their customers with VIP authentication.”

VeriSign supports a wide range of security credentials that generate OTPs for strong authentication. In addition to traditional tokens and credit card-sized credentials, users can choose VIP Access for Mobile, a free, easy-to-install mobile application that transforms more than 200 different mobile devices into VIP authentication credentials. The application costs nothing for businesses to deploy and enables end users to enjoy two-factor authentication without carrying an extra credential.

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