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Web Hosting ServicesPHOENIX – No matter how well designed a website is, it must be vigorously promoted in order to attract visitors—and search engine optimization (SEO) is the most cost-effective marketing strategy an online business can have.

“Your website is your storefront, and how you prepare your store for business will have a direct impact on how well your business will do online,” said Tim Uzzanti, CEO of SmarterTools. “Ignoring SEO is like having no signs and blank windows in your building. Potential customers will drive past your store, not even realizing you are there.”

Unfortunately, improving a website’s search engine visibility and competing with other websites for a top position isn’t easy. Without the right tools, it’s virtually impossible.

That’s why SmarterTools Inc. is proud to announce the release of SmarterStats 5.x. The latest version of this Web log analytics tool sets itself apart from the competition by allowing for the complete management and control of website statistics and SEO marketing efforts in a single application.

“According to the U.S. Small Business Association, roughly 50 percent of small businesses fail within the first five years. Those that succeed usually excel at attracting new customers while developing and retaining a loyal customer base,” Uzzanti said. “The new features in SmarterStats 5.x will provide businesses with the tools they need to enhance their SEO strategy and attract new website visitors while monitoring analytics to ensure a positive experience for existing customers.”

With highly accurate SEO and site reporting, SmarterStats 5.x will help businesses:

* Increase website traffic
* Improve search engine ranking and visibility
* Track visitor trends, on-page behaviors, and conversions
* Compare a website’s performance for an unlimited number of keywords against competitors
* Identify under-performing areas of a website or campaign
* Track positions in search engines over time to identify successful SEO strategies
* Identify websites that may be competing for search engine traffic
* Analyze website performance and page load times
* Increase sales

In addition, SmarterStats further refines statistics by separating real traffic from spider and bot traffic, providing companies with true website statistics that reflect actual customer behavior. Together these resources will equip businesses to make informed decisions that drive them toward quantifiable objectives for traffic, leads, sales, and customer support.

SmarterStats is available at the SmarterTools website and through authorized resellers. A complete list of new features and improvements is available by viewing the SmarterStats 5.x release notes.

About SmarterTools Inc.

Founded in 2003, SmarterTools Inc. is an information technology-management software company based in Phoenix, Arizona. SmarterTools builds a Windows mail server, customer service software, and Web log analytics and SEO software that simplify and automate the day-to-day IT operations of businesses and hosting environments in over 100 countries. Additional information about SmarterTools Inc. and the SmarterTools product line is available at the company website:

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