NicLine Launches .eu IDNs Registration Service

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Web Hosting ServicesMADRID – NicLine, an ICANN accredited registrar for domain name resellers, announced it is now offering internationalized domain names (IDNs) under the .eu top-level domain. All companies and individuals based in the European Union can register a .eu that supports all official EU languages.

These IDNs are domain names represented by local language characters and can contain letters or characters from non-ASCII scripts such as the Spanish ñ, the French ç, the Swedish å, the German ü, the Romanian ș, etc.

There is no Sunrise period to guarantee protection of existing trademarks, as the IDN domains in all twenty-three official EU languages are available on a first-come, first-served basis. This means that it is crucial for owners of an unaccented version to register as quickly as possible, since they will not be given priority for buying the same domain in its accented version.

During the first hour of its official launch on December 10th, 38,172 IDNs under .eu were successfully registered. According to EURid, the registry operating the .eu top-level domain, the majority of registrants of the newly released domains were from Germany and the first domain registered was ä, meaning “doctors” in German.

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About NicLine
NicLine, an ICANN accredited registrar since 2001, offers wholesale domain registration services to ISPs, web design agencies, publicity companies, patent and trademarks agencies, hosting providers and domain sales business in general. The company is one of the fastest growing registrars in Europe, with more than 4,000 active wholesalers; and more than 370,000 registered domains with clients in nearly 90 countries.

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