Sliqua Enterprise Hosting Joins the R1Soft Hosting Partner Program

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Web Hosting ServicesASHBURN, VA — Sliqua, a provider of custom hosting solutions, today announced it has enrolled in the R1Soft Hosting Partner Program (R1HPP) to qualify for aggressive volume discounts on R1Soft Continuous Data Protection® (CDP) products.

R1HPP volume license discounts enable Sliqua to offer its Enterprise Shared Hosting customers reliable data protection with a two-week backup retention free of charge. Sliqua Complex Hosting customers benefit from the discounts as well with the option to add CDP for a low fee. As an R1Soft Hosting Partner, Sliqua also acquires access to priority technical support and an assortment of sales and marketing resources to help it effectively market and implement R1Soft CDP software.

Sliqua uses R1Soft’s high-performance, disk to disk backup software to protect its customers Linux servers and MySQL databases with consistent, hourly backups and bare-metal restore capabilities. In the event of a disaster, Sliqua can rapidly restore the customers’ websites within minutes from the last point-in-time snapshot of the website data. R1Soft CDP technology allows Sliqua to perform real-time, table-level restores of MySQL databases.

“Sliqua’s customer base largely consists of bloggers and businesses that rely on their website as a primary source of income, so we needed a solid data protection strategy that would provide our customers with hourly backups of their critical data. We also needed a solution that uses minimal server resources. R1Soft’s overhead for the backup processes is so low we don’t even notice that R1Soft is running in the background, it just works,” said Alexander McMillen, President and CEO of Sliqua.
Since offering R1Soft, Sliqua has received plenty of positive feedback from customers who can appreciate the importance of having reliable backups available.

“R1Soft has gotten me out of a jam more times than I can count. There is nothing like the peace of mind you have when you know all of your valuable data is there and ready if the worst should happen, or you break your code,” said Sliqua customer Robb Sutton of

About Sliqua Enterprise Hosting

Providing hosting solutions since 2002, Sliqua is committed to dedicating the time and resources to help its clients achieve success online. Sliqua also maintains a strong dedication to customer service. With resources available to scale your website without downtime and offering multiple mediums of support beyond email, Sliqua is ready to assist you 24×7. Sliqua also ensures a consistent customer experience with a board of directors that works side-by-side with technical support representatives.

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