Sun Microsystems Launches OpenSSO Express 9 and OpenDS 2.2

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Web Hosting ServicesSANTA CLARA, Calif. – Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:JAVA) today announced the completion of its identity management portfolio update with the availability of a new, fine-grained entitlement enforcement engine, as part of OpenSSO Express 9, for both enterprise and extranet deployments and a next-generation directory proxy server, as part of Sun OpenDS(TM) Standard Edition 2.2, for rapid, horizontal and on-demand scaling. For more information visit:

“With the release of Sun’s fine-grained entitlement enforcement engine and next-generation directory proxy server, Sun has completed its 2009 portfolio update and has added a high-scaling, standards-based entitlement enforcement solution and a next generation proxy server to our arsenal of capabilities,” said Daniel Raskin, chief identity strategist at Sun. “Innovative functionality such as granular security controls combined with the ability to quickly augment infrastructure performance keeps Sun well-positioned as a leading provider of large-scale identity management solutions.”

“With its new OpenSSO and OpenDS releases, Sun shows a continued emphasis on security and performance capabilities needed to secure enterprise, extranet and cloud infrastructure,” said Felix Gaehtgens, senior analyst from Kuppinger Cole. “We are particularly encouraged to see Sun’s new fine-grained authorization solution in OpenSSO. Other vendor offerings are typically offered as standalone products and do not integrate easily with web access management. Sun now stands out as the only vendor to now offer a consolidated platform that provides web access management, federation, secure web services, and fine-grained entitlement enforcement in a single application. Also, in the latest OpenDS release, Sun has finally added LDAP proxy features that focus on integrating identities from multiple sources – making it easier for enterprises to deploy next generation directory services.”

Fine-Grained Entitlement Enforcement Engine

The new fine-grained entitlement enforcement engine is a key component of OpenSSO Express 9, which allows customers to externalize authorization for any resource – web application, custom application, web service or client application. The entitlement enforcement engine was designed to not only support enterprise deployments, but also provide mass-scale extranet deployments with a complete off the shelf, standards-based solution that can externalize authorization for more than 100 million users.

With this new feature, OpenSSO Express 9 becomes the only access management solution to provide access management, federation, secure web services, multi-factor authentication and fine-grained entitlement enforcement in a single product. This enables administrators and developers to deploy, maintain and use a single application for authentication and authorization. In addition, OpenSSO Express 9 provides customers with a single end-point to handle policy for all resources, which helps to simplify the audit and certification of business applications via a central audit log for all access activity – internal applications, partner applications, cloud applications and web services.

Next-Generation Directory Proxy Server

The new directory proxy server is a key component of OpenDS Standard Edition 2.2, which can be used to extend Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition to rapidly and cost-effectively scale a customer’s infrastructure horizontally, based on demand. It makes it even easier for customers to proactively maintain up-time as activity increases with a “global index” to help easily distribute and balance loads – based on factors such as any identity attribute or based on traffic distribution algorithms. The next-generation directory proxy server can help customers easily and effectively meet variable demand events, such as adding additional capacity during the holiday season, or distribute load based on regional demand to accommodate increases in authentication. The new and improved installer provides user experience improvements that can install, configure and deploy either a core directory server or directory proxy in six clicks or less.

Sun Completes 2009 Identity Management Portfolio Update

The release of Sun’s new Fine-Grained entitlement enforcement engine in OpenSSO Express 9 and next generation directory proxy server in OpenDS 2.2, completes an update of Sun’s market leading identity management portfolio. In 2009, Sun released the following products:

* Sun(TM) Identity Manager 8.1 – Updates included: External Resource Management, Identity Connectors and Better Integration of Business Roles (
* Sun(TM) Role Manager 5 – Updates included: 360 Degree View of Assigned Access, Closed-loop Remediation and Rule Life-cycle Management (
* OpenSSO Express 7, 8 and 9 – Updates included: Fine-Grained Entitlement Enforcement, One Time Password for Mobile Phones, Out-of-Box Federation Support for Google Apps, and Web-Ex and a Fedlet for .NET (
* Sun(TM) Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7 – Updates included: Performance Enhancements by more than 3x the current version, Hardware Optimization with up to 60% improvement in authentications and modifications and 5x performance improvement in data import times and a New Single License for Directory Server, Virtual Directory, Proxy Server, Web Console and Active Directory Synchronization Tool-Kit (
* Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.2 – Includes the following new features: Fractional Replication, Extensible Matching Rules for Time Base Attributes, Assured Replication and Ease-of-Use-Improvements including: Default Automatic Back-Up and Remote Server Management in the Control Panel and Next Generation Directory Proxy (

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