Verari Systems and Cisco Provide Cloud Computing Solution for NASA’s Nebula Cloud Platform

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Web Hosting ToolboxSAN DIEGO – NASA Ames Research Center has selected a containerized data center solution from Verari Systems® and Cisco Systems, Inc.® for the first phase of its Nebula Cloud Computing Platform. Nebula is a seamless, self-service platform built from open source software that provides high capacity computing, storage, and network connectivity for NASA research. The containerized data center solution includes the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) as well as Silicon Mechanics servers in a FOREST Container from Verari Systems. This approach enables the rapid deployment of a fully integrated IT infrastructure, including computing, storage, networking, virtualization, and systems management.

“Nebula has been designed to automatically increase the computing power and storage available to science- and data-oriented web applications as demand rises,” explains Chris C. Kemp, Chief Information Officer of NASA Ames Research Center. “The containerized data center solution from Verari Systems and Cisco delivers the foundation for a next-generation cloud computing environment that is responsive to the needs of our developers so they can focus on mission success — without worrying about the capacity and availability of the computing infrastructure. This solution is transforming how we think about NASA’s future computing environment.”

Designed as an open platform to integrate with Cisco UCS, FOREST Containers deliver optimized data center resources for enterprise applications. Cisco UCS unites compute, networking, storage access, and virtualization resources into a single, energy efficient system that reduces IT infrastructure costs and complexity and improves return on capital assets and business agility. FOREST Containers are built and deployed in a few months, not years, and result in increased power and cooling efficiency over brick-and-mortar data centers (e.g., PUE = 1.05). In addition, FOREST’s locked-down packaging and transportability enable deployments indoors or outdoors, in any climate, and on virtually any terrain.

“Verari is simplifying data center deployment,” says Dan Gatti, senior vice president of Worldwide Market Operations, Verari Systems. “Working with Cisco, we provide a complete data center solution integrated into a container. Our customers are able to meet their computing and storage requirements much more quickly and easily than ever before. The planning cycle for a data center has been cut from two years down to 120 days, on average. And our customers are able to recognize huge cost savings in both OpEx and CapEx spend.”

Brad Boston, senior vice president of Cisco Global Government Solutions Group, continues, “Cisco and Verari Systems are delivering the data center of the future — today. As NASA’s Nebula Cloud Computing Environment demonstrates, customers have a great deal of flexibility in how they integrate computing, storage, and networking capabilities with Cisco UCS to ensure a solution designed for mission success today and in the future.”

About Verari Systems
Verari Systems, Inc. is the premier developer of scale-out blade-based computing and storage platforms for Cloud, Web 2.0, and the global enterprise. Verari provides scale-out solutions for the world’s largest data centers that reduce power and cooling demands while achieving the best density, availability, and energy efficiency for the highest total value of ownership. Organizations such as Virgin America, Morgan Stanley, Wachovia, Akamai, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Johns Hopkins, EMC, CGGVeritas, Petrobras, Harris, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Sony Imageworks, as well as top universities and research institutions worldwide, are among the customers who have chosen Verari Systems’ award-winning containerized data centers and high density blade-based platforms. To learn more about Verari Systems and its unique green IT solutions, please visit or call (888) 942-3800.

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