ServerGenie Launches Cloud Servers: Scale Based on Demand Program

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Web Hosting ServicesOklahoma City, Oklahoma – ServerGenie, a cloud servers provider, today announced the launch of a new program called “Cloud Servers: Scale Based on Demand”.  The program is so flexible, the company’s Cloud Brain can dynamically assign RAM and CPU as it is needed which is a perfect solution for those that want a hands-off approach in scaling their websites.

The new Cloud Servers: Scale Based on Demand program comes with twenty-four hour managed support which is available via live chat, a support ticket or over the phone.  A representative for ServerGenie said, “Our techs are the highest rated in the web hosting industry and that’s no mistake. We pride ourselves on top notch support.”

“ gets 5 stars for the simple fact that they make my life easier when I’m dealing with those confusing WordPress plugins. I think there is a new plugin released every day!  From the sales rep to customer service it’s a pleasure having my ticket responded back to in a timely fashion.” – Joe Simon, founder, Manhanttan Physical Therapy & Pain Center

Snapshot, Rsync and R1Soft backups are optionally available with each cloud server setup which includes 96 drives of full redundancy to protect client data.  For the more adventurous webmasters, the company provides fully automated and integrated tools which clients can use to add RAM, disk space, reboot and back-up their server in real-time with the push of a button.

“Every server comes with a full GUI.” said the company’s rep.  Clients can use their Internet browser to access their console at the root level so they have complete control over their cloud servers.  Those that aren’t very tech savvy can choose from 19 pre-configured OS templates to save time setting up their websites or they can create a template to use on their server.

The company also provides a free migration service for its clients that are moving their website from another hosting provider.  It’s often very confusing migrating a website which is why many small business owners put off changing web hosts even if they are not satisfied with their current service provider.  ServerGenie’s techs are experienced in migrating websites and can often have a site transferred very quickly which should be an incentive to those that are ready to make a switch to a superior hosting provider. Read more

Directi, Tucows and Namecheap Team Up to Run .ONLINE

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Web Hosting Services – As part of its New Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) program, ICANN has accepted nearly 2,000 applications from prospective registries who would like to manage their own TLDs (letters to the right of the dot). Now, applicants for the same TLDs have begun to compete, negotiate, and, in some cases, join forces to ultimately produce one winning bid.

The first such alliance was revealed today, when domain industry veterans Directi, Tucows and Namecheap announced that they would work together to manage the .online registry.

Directi and Tucows are probably best known for their wholesale platforms and the large, global domain name reseller channels they manage. Namecheap, a top-ten retail registrar, is best known for its strong consumer brand and emphasis on customer service. Read more

DDoS Attacks on SCADA to Become More Frequent and Robust in 2013

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Web Hosting ServicesHong Kong – DDoS attacks have become a highly popular means of protest in recent years. In January 2013, the hacker group Anonymous submitted a petition to the White House’s “We the People” Web site, requesting President Obama to recognize DDoS attacks as a legal form of protest.

Frank Tse, Security Researcher of Nexusguard, shares insights on the trend of DDoS attacks towards Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System: “In 2012, financial institutes were the primary victims of DDoS attack, but at the same time we noticed that there were reports of attacks targeting SCADA by the year end of 2013. This trend of attacks towards governmental bodies has been getting more frequent.”
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Signetique Launches CloudStore Online Backup Service for SMEs

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Web Hosting ServicesSingapore – Signetique, a leader in cloud and dedicated hosting services, today officially launched CloudStore, its cloud-based online backup service for SMEs. CloudStore is Signetique’s remote backup solution for businesses requiring an online backup service for their desktops, laptops and servers. CloudStore is compatible with most operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris. According to Signetique, CloudStore can be used to back up virtually any form of data, including Microsoft Exchange databases and even individual Exchange mailboxes.

“Hard disk failures, accidental deletion and laptop thefts are some of the most common causes for data loss. CloudStore addresses these issues that affect data security in an affordable and easy-to-use solution,” said CEO of Signetique, Raymond Tan. “Customers, especially SMEs, will find CloudStore immensely vital to protecting their data and should form the nucleus of their disaster recovery efforts. This is especially good news for security-conscious customers who are wary of committing their precious data to free, mass-market solutions that are commonly available today.”
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The Zee-Way Hosting Difference Includes CloudLinux “Segmented” Shared Hosting

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Web Hosting ServicesDallas, Texas –, a web hosting provider, today announced the availability of CloudLinux “segmented” shared hosting.  The company’s shared web servers are protected by CloudLinux which eliminates site load issues automatically and provides the kind of stability most providers cannot offer.  The process works extremely well with MySQL calls, RAM usage and CPU usage.

The Zee-Way Hosting Difference truly is cutting edge web hosting.  The company’s network utilizes an InterNAP FCP that improves web traffic for each site visitor by optimizing fiber carriers and eliminating any Internet issues that may be hindering a site’s load time.  The hardware, which is incredibly expensive, automatically makes recommendations to a site visitor’s ISP to reroute web traffic over another carrier to ensure each site visitor enjoys a consistent website experience.  Not very many web hosting providers utilize this type of equipment mostly because it is a big infrastructure investment.

“I have been a Zee-Way customer for a number of years and I’ve had nothing but good things to say about their servers and employees.  They always answer my emails quickly and politely and their customer service reps make sure an issue is handled properly every time I communicate with them.” – Gary Williamson

To eliminate security holes and instability, the company runs Ksplice on all its servers which allow users to instantly patch kernel updates without rebooting the system.  This provides 100% uptime and secures the sever against any threats in data breach.

The company also uses adaptive firewall technology to ensure each client’s website is secure.  The firewall proactively monitors threats of multiple kinds and automatically blocks attackers that are trying to gain access to the system.  “We actively block hundreds of attacks on our servers hourly” said the company’s representative.  For larger threats such as DDoS attacks the company’s network filtering system stops an attack before it reaches any of the severs on its network.

Small business owners that are planning to launch a website that must be secure are encouraged visit Zee-Way’s website to learn more about their services.  The company’s shared hosting plans are perfect for start-ups that plan to grow their websites over time. Read more

WHUK Launches its VMware Cloud with SSD and SAS Alternatives with 20GB R1Soft BackUp Space Included

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Web Hosting ServicesLeeds,UK: Followed by the news about enhancement to their Windows VPS services, UK web hosting company (WHUK) has today announced the launch of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Solid State Drive (SSD) disk options with VMware cloud services. The enhancement to the service will ensure data transfer at faster speeds and enhance the overall performance of the product.

According to the company, the inclusion of an option to choose between SSD and SAS would help users who host websites or applications that involve transfer of a large volume of data. This enhancement is expected to deliver better performance to users that run large websites such as blogs, eCommerce web stores, web design websites that hold a large database of galleries, social networking sites, large forums etc. The I/O transfer rate of SSDs is much higher in comparison to SATA or even SAS, while SAS offers an upward migration path for parallel SCSI applications combined with high performance, high reliability enterprise systems.
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GalaxyVisions, ColoGuard Upgrades Network Infrastructure To Increase Capacity

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Web Hosting ServicesNew York, NY – ColoGuard and GalaxyVisions, the New York metropolitan area’s leading providers of colocation and dedicated server hosting solutions, announced today that their shared data center has been upgraded to 10 Gigabit (Gb) in response to customer requests for higher-bandwidth connectivity for video and other data-intensive applications.

The upgrade involved the installation of new Cisco networking equipment which provide increase routing capabilities to our infrastructure. The upgrades, which were performed during scheduled maintenance windows did not affect any client services.
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SoftLayer Now Powers Online Games for More than 100 Million Players

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Web HostingDallas —In the hypercompetitive online gaming world a couple of milliseconds of lag can be the difference between virtual life and death, and the inability to scale up with demand can kill an entire game title. In the last two quarters, more than 60 new gaming companies have moved to SoftLayer’s global platform, frequently migrating from commodity cloud platforms because of problems with cost, latency, availability and raw performance.

Hundreds of the top mobile, PC and social games with more than 100 million active players, are now supported by SoftLayer’s infrastructure platform. With SoftLayer, gaming companies can roll out virtual and bare-metal servers along with a suite of networking, security and storage solutions on demand and in real time. This choice and agility allows games companies to have the capacity they need exactly when they need it.

SoftLayer’s global platform provides the performance and scalability that hundreds of industry-leading and notable game studios – including Hothead Games,GeewaGrinding Gear Games,Peak Games and Rumble Entertainment – require to test, deploy and grow their games.

Over the past year, Hothead Games has released six games, which have all risen to the top 10 in both the Apple and Google Play app stores, including the BIG WIN Sports™series of games and the recently launched Rivals at War. Running their back-end database, Cloudant, on the SoftLayer platform has enabled Hothead Games to scale massively and economically, handling billions of database transactions per-day while delivering a superior experience to gamers.

“The ability to add tens of thousands of users overnight is the value of working with SoftLayer,” said Safa Sofuoglu, CTO of Peak Games, the largest and fastest-growing gaming company in Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa, and one of the three largest global social gaming companies. “SoftLayer understands the needs of game developers. We can very quickly double our infrastructure requirements when one of our games takes off, and easily manage and support new users without compromising on performance while not incurring massive costs.”

“We’re expanding our first-person shooter game “Ballistic” into Asian markets, and we wanted to partner with a cloud service provider that could deliver not only raw computing power but also high-quality network service,” said Jim Tso, senior producer for Rumble Entertainment. “SoftLayer’s data center in Singapore and global network footprint help us overcome any network latency issues, giving our users a great online experience.”

“’Path of Exile’ is unique among online action RPGs because players play on one large international realm. SoftLayer’s data centers on multiple continents (and the free bandwidth between them) let us run servers local to the individual players while still allowing them to play with their international friends if they choose to,” said Chris Wilson, managing director for Grinding Gear Games. “SoftLayer’s ability to provision new servers quickly allowed us to deal with the immense demand we faced when we launched Path of Exile’s open beta. We’re extremely pleased with SoftLayer and the server reliability that it allows us to offer our customers.”

“Game developers don’t have the time or resources to manage their own complex infrastructure because they need to focus on their core business – developing great games, launching on time and keeping players engaged,” said Marc Jones, vice president of product innovation for SoftLayer. “We’ve tailored our platform to meet gaming companies’ demands – from explosive, overnight growth to the performance and availability demands that come with everyday play.” Read more

AltusHost Offers Euro Data Center Locations for its European Clients

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Web Hosting ServicesStockholm, Sweden –, a Windows VPS hosting provider, today announced the company maintains Euro data centers in the Netherlands, Sweden and Luxembourg for its European clients.  The company’s Windows VPS servers run on Xen virtualization technology which gives the servers a strong isolated and protected environment.

The servers run on Windows Server 2008 R2 which delivers the more advanced capabilities needed for ecommerce websites.  The company’s virtual private servers are extremely powerful and ready to fulfill small business needs.  A representative for AltusHost said, “Our top quality hardware and fast and stable network are expertly combined to provide the fastest and most secure Windows VPS hosting available in today’s marketplace.”

AltusHost offers four distinct plans most of which are affordable for new startups.  The WS-1 plan, which is priced at only $29.95 a month, comes with 512 megabytes of memory, 1 central processing unit, a 20 gigabyte hard-drive and 500 gigabytes of bandwidth every month.  The WS-2 plans start at only $39.95 a month and include 1024 megabytes of memory, 2 central processing units, a 40 gigabyte hard-drive and 1000 gigabytes of bandwidth every month.

The WS-3 and WS-4 plans come with 2048 and 4096 gigabytes of memory respectively.  All plans come with the following:

  • Full Administrator Access

  • Fully Managed

  • FREE Moving Assistance

  • SolusVM Management Panel

  • XEN Virtualization

AltusHost has been providing web hosting services for more than five years and in that short period of time the company has won several awards, and the customer service department has been rated as one the best in the industry.  In January of 2013 the company won the Editors’ Choice Award for shared cloud hosting.  The award was issued by which is an industry review website that published hosting news and tests and rates web hosting companies throughout the world.

In addition to the Editors’ Choice Awards, the company was awarded the ‘Top Pick Web Hosts for 2012’, the ‘Most Popular Web Host’ from and it is an ‘Approved Host’ at FindMyHost.  Mr. Richard Guzzo, a vice president at said, “AltusHost is one of the most innovative hosting providers we’ve ever reviewed and we stand behind them one-hundred percent”. Read more

OpenDNS Adds Enterprise Networking Leader Stefan Dyckerhoff to Board

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Web Hosting ServicesSan Francisco, CA – OpenDNS, the world’s leading provider of cloud-delivered Web security services, today announced the company has recruited Stefan Dyckerhoff, former Juniper Networks EVP and GM, to bring his exceptional understanding of the enterprise networking and security markets to its board of directors. The company also conducted a Series B financing with Sutter Hill Ventures that will be used to fuel growth in sales and marketing and expand security research and development.

The funding allows OpenDNS to quickly ramp its comprehensive go-to-market efforts after demonstrating rapid adoption of its cloud-delivered Web security product line Umbrella. Serving more than 7,000 businesses today, including some of the world’s most trusted brands, OpenDNS is looking to aggressively scale its customer base and revenue in 2013 and beyond.
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