Dedicated Server Provider XLHost Joins Internet Infrastructure Coalition

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Web Hosting ServicesColumbus, OH – XLHost (, a leading dedicated server provider based in Columbus, OH announced today that it has joined the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition), a group of global Internet infrastructure providers and technology firms who support the growth of the Internet.

“The best services being built on the Internet today allow the user to forget that there is a massive network of networks between the user and the service provider,” said Drew Weaver, XLHost Chief Technology Officer. “Instead, the user is able to spend more time focusing on entertainment or productivity. Creating better and frictionless user experiences will require a higher level of cooperation and understanding from industry participants, public policy makers, and the general public. This is why XLHost is thrilled to be a part of the I2Coalition”.

The i2Coalition’s more than 50 members worldwide include domain registrars, datacenter operators, software companies, media companies, and cloud service providers such as XLHost.

“i2Coalition welcomes XLHost to the team as we continue to educate policy makers about the nuts and bolts of the Internet,” said Christian Dawson, i2Coalition co-founder and Board Chair. “XLHost’s expertise in cloud service providing as well as other areas brings another experienced voice to the table as we advocate for an open Internet, and we are excited to have them join us as we continue to discuss the important issues facing our industry and the Internet in general.” Read more

Codero Hosting Offers Disruptive Pricing with Affordable On-Demand NAS, SAN Storage and Free Back-Ups for Life

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Web Hosting ServicesAUSTIN, TEXAS — Codero Hosting (, a leading provider of dedicated, managed, and cloud hosting services, unveiled its on-demand Network Attached Storage (NAS) and IP-based Storage Area Network (SAN) offerings. The new services and their affordable price points better serve customers’ needs and provide more scalable and high performance storage options. Promotional pricing of the new NAS and SAN services starts at 4¢/gigabyte. Separately, Codero is also offering free back-ups for life on all of its Smart Servers line.

“We continuously listen to our customers to help gauge where we need to expand our products and services, and our customers asked for more cost effective, scalable storage and recovery options,” said Chandler Vaughn, SVP of Development at Codero Hosting. “Any organization that needs a server needs a storage and backup solution; it’s precarious to have one without the others. Our new offerings unequivocally meet customer demands with affordable price points that disrupt the industry – comparable competitive offerings are 10 times more expensive than our new offerings.”
NAS is specifically designed to be a filer and is great for backups, file archiving, and storage of webhead content. SAN was built for block storage so that there are volumes to partition and mount. The new on-demand storage solutions include the following features:
  • Optimized for storage – The dedicated solut ions are optimized specifically for storage needs.
  • Fully managed – Codero handles all management of the “no touch” storage.
  • Easy set-up – Simply map a drive (on Windows) or mount a directory over NFS (on Linux) for heterogeneous access to files.
  • Easy to use – Simultaneously share files with multiple servers including virtual servers.
  • Local appearance – Block storage appears as local drives, allowing applications such as databases to take advantage of larger, faster storage; no complicated network sharing or application configuration required.
Codero developed the new solutions to more efficiently and effectively serve Windows and Linux customers in need of scale-out storage. Ideal candidates for Codero’s NAS and SAN storage are organizations that are comfortable with network-bound performance and do not need Host Bus Adapters. The solutions are best for those customers needing storage for media, back-ups, files or additional storage for virtualization.
For more information on Codero Hosting on-demand storage, visit Read more

SoftLayer & Basho Partner for High-Performance, Scalable Riak In The Cloud

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Web Hosting ServicesDallas, TX and Cambridge, MABasho and  SoftLayer Technologies today announced the availability of Riak and Riak Enterprise on SoftLayer’s global cloud platform. The integrated solution provides the availability, fault tolerance, operational simplicity, and scalability of Riak combined with the flexibility, performance, and agility of SoftLayer’s on-demand infrastructure.

SoftLayer and Basho have collaborated to make Riak—an open source, distributed database—deployment more accessible and flexible through a pay-as-you-go service model. This Riak hosting solution enables organizations to swiftly deploy scalable production-grade systems, accelerating the speed of deployment of big data applications and providing greater business agility. Organizations can design and deploy a complete big data hosting solution through SoftLayer’s Web-based Solution Designer, with ongoing management and provisioning available via the company’s portal, mobile apps and API.

Common use cases for Riak include fault-tolerant, low-latency storage for content, user and session information, mobile data, log files, JSON/XML documents, and more. For customers that require replication of clusters between multiple data centers, Riak Enterprise is available and also adds extended monitoring and 24×7 support. Customers use multi-datacenter replication, in two or more sites, to serve global traffic, maintain active backups, run secondary analytics clusters, or meet disaster recovery and regulatory compliance requirements.

“Customer demand for easy-to-deploy and manage big data cloud-based solutions continues to rise,” says Duke Skarda, CTO of SoftLayer. “We are seeing substantial adoption through joint customers, such as Bump. Our platform was built specifically to support the kind of Web-scale distributed applications that big data exemplifies, and our partnership with Basho is further validation of our commitment to deliver a complete suite of scalable, high-performance big data solutions.”

“Basho and SoftLayer have long catered to innovative developers building the next generation of web, social and mobile applications. Today, enterprise customers are demanding the same, an architecture that provides for zero-data loss and delivers zero-downtime,” says Bobby Patrick, executive vice president and CMO of Basho. “We believe distributed systems software, such as Riak, and distributed infrastructure is required to help customers truly achieve these ambitions. Basho is excited to partner with SoftLayer to help companies easily deploy applications that are truly distributed, scalable, and always available.”

Bump is one of the most popular mobile apps on the market today. The app makes it easy for users to share their contact information, photos, and other objects by simply “bumping” their smartphones. Bump uses Riak to store user data including events, communications sent and received, handset information and authentication tokens.

“Operational ease is key to our business success,” says Mark Smith, Operations Lead at Bump. “The combination of SoftLayer, who we already trust with our business and data, and Basho, who makes the database that we trust at scale, saves us time and effort and allows us to focus on our business, not our data infrastructure.”

Features & Benefits

  • Web-based SoftLayer Solution Designer makes it easy to configure and deploy Riak environments on demand and at the click of a button.
  • High performance and superior availability and scalability leveraging the broadest cloud infrastructure platform in the industry including dedicated bare metal servers and a broad range of storage options.
  • Global private network allows for high-speed, secure replication between clusters
  • Optimized infrastructure and best-practice deployments based on joint insights, expertise, and experience from SoftLayer and Basho.
  • Pay-as-you-go model provides the flexibility of monthly or annual billing and no long-term contracts.  Read more

ServInt offers SLA for its Jelastic auto-scaling cloud hosting platform

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Web Hosting ServicesReston, Va. – ServInt, a pioneering provider of managed cloud hosting for businesses worldwide, today announced it has begun offering guarantees on data center infrastructure, server uptime and customer support for all customers using its Jelastic auto-scaling cloud hosting platform.

Unlike service-level agreements (SLAs) offered by other cloud service providers, ServInt’s Jelastic SLA does not require customers to purchase additional hosting capacity. Cloud service providers that require additional “availability zone” purchases effectively offset any compensation their customers might receive in the event of an outage.
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UptimeSpy Announces the Release of a Limited Time Offer of 5 Free Website Monitoring Paid Plans

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UptimeSpy Announces the Release of a Limited Time Offer of 5 Free Website Monitoring Paid PlansWeb Hosting ServicesOklahoma City, Oklahoma – UptimeSpy, a website monitoring services provider, today announced the company is now offering for a limited time 5 free paid website monitoring plans.  Customers that signup up for a free account will automatically be upgraded to a paid plan at no cost.

The company’s premium plan costs $10 a month and includes 100 SMS alerts and unlimited email alerts.  The limited time premium website monitoring offer is available only to the first 5 customers that sign up for a free plan.  Most plans are activated within five minutes or less after the customer passes the company’s fraud verification system.  Each monitoring plan includes the following features:

  • World Geographic Monitoring Nodes

  • Uptime Reports

  • Response Time Reports

  • Email and SMS Alerts

  • Multiple Check Locations

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Geographical Route Alerts

  • Monitor Custom Resources

A representative for UptimeSpy said, “With Google now ranking sites by response time, it is important to make sure your website is responding quickly at all times.”  Last year Google made numerous changes to its algorithm.  One of those changes incorporates a website’s page-load time into its rankings so that only the fastest sites are displayed on the search engine results pages.

With Google’s recent algorithm changes, it is now possible for ecommerce websites to increase their ranking simply by increasing their page-load times.  UptimeSpy’s monitoring service will instantly alert a site owner about any load time issues so they can make adjustments quickly to maintain their rankings.

With an increased number of consumers throughout the world turning to the Internet to purchase products or to get information about a company, it is important businesses make sure their site is always online.  UptimeSpy’s rep said, “A website that provides information in a timely manner is very crucial for today’s businesses to survive and succeed.  Accessibility, reliability and credibility of the website can make or break your business.” Read more

NTT Communications to Offer Data Center Services in Russia

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Web Hosting ServicesMOSCOW – NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) announced today that NTT Communications Russia (NTT Com Russia), wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Com, will offer a wide range of data center services in Russia via IXcellerate’s Moscow One carrier-neutral data center in Moscow, beginning with colocation services in May, this year.

IXcellerate’s recently completed facility offers premium enterprise-class data center services in a top-quality environment for customers to locate telecom, Internet and IT infrastructure. NTT Com Russia will integrate and expand its network, cloud and hosting services in the Russian market by taking advantage of this superior facility, as well as Moscow’s substantial broadband coverage, strategic geographical position and financial weight.
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Upsite Technologies to Exhibit and Discuss Data Center Airflow Solutions and Strategies at Data Center World in Las Vegas

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Web Hosting ServicesLas Vegas – Upsite Technologies, Inc., a leader in data center airflow management solutions, announced that it will exhibit at Data Center World, which will occur at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada.

During the show’s expo, Upsite representatives will meet with attendees at booth #424 to discuss Upsite’s latest data center airflow solutions, including the KoldLok 6” Round Grommet, which accommodates large cable bundles and PDU plugs, the HotLok Full Rack Blanking Panel (FRBP) Kit which is designed to fill large openings in racks that exist in empty racks or between IT equipment in populated racks, and the Rack Airflow Management (RAM) Kit that creates a perimeter seal within racks to prevent server exhaust re-circulation.
Read more Helps Web Hosting Executives Stay Up-to-Date on Industry Trends and News

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Web Hosting ServicesOklahoma City, Oklahoma – MyHostNews, a web hosting news provider, helps industry executives and consumers stay up-to-date on industry trends and news, and provides interviews with industry leaders.  The popular online magazine also accepts and publishes free press releases and articles submitted by web hosting companies throughout the world.

Mr. Richard Guzzo, a vice president at’s parent company said, “We’ve published more than 4,500 free press releases submitted by hosting companies and we’re now accepting and publishing articles that are helpful and informative to our readers.”  A few of the most popular articles on the website are:

  • Website Keyword Selection – Beyond Online Tools and the Excel Spreadsheets

  • How do I Use Twitter for Business?

  • Colocation is One-Piece of the Data Management Puzzle

  • i2Coalition Applauds Congressional Effort to Promote a Multi-Stakeholder Governance Model for the Internet

MyHostNews is so popular the company’s website boasts a Google page rank of 4 and there are tens-of-thousands of other websites that link to its content.  To put that into perspective, Facebook is a page rank 8 and it’s one of the busiest websites in the world.  Google ranks websites from 0 to 10 based on webpage load speed time, the quality of the content on a site and the number of backlinks associated with a website.

“I found your website via a link my brother shared with me on Facebook and I just want to say you guys are awesome.  I spent the better part of a Saturday morning reading about what’s going on in the hosting industry.  I’m currently looking for a hosting provider for my business and you guys really helped me learn what to look for in a quality provider.” – Robert Johnson, Mochas ‘N More

Web hosting company owners and managers are encouraged to submit their press releases and articles for inclusion on the news platform.  MyHostNews only accepts original work and provides valuable back links which can help any hosting company increase its Google page rank significantly.  The company provides a submission form on its corporate website to make it easy for others to submit content for publication. Read more

Virtualizor 2.2.8 released with minor GUI changes and bug fixes

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Web Hosting NewsWeb Hosting Services – Softaculous Ltd., the developer of Virtualizor VPS panel which allows admins to create a VPS on the fly by the click of a button, announced the release of Virtualizor 2.2.8 on 25th ApriThis version includes minor GUI changes a few bug fixes.

Virtualizor 2.2.8 has the following changes:

1) Added New Traffic shaping Algorithm for XEN.
2) Added 1gbps and 10gbps VPS bandwidth control Support.
3) [GUI] Admin can view the additional VPS info in List VS page.
4) [GUI] Rescue mode notification is provided in Virtualizor admin panel.
5) Bug Fix : Traffic shaping parameters are vanished in KVM after VPS and main Server restart. This is now Fixed.

Recently Virtualizor added features like Rescue Mode, Optimized Backup, Secondary CD-ROM, and many more in the previous version 2.2.7.

Virualizor is a powerful web based VPS Control Panel. It supports OpenVZ, Xen PV, Xen HVM and Linux KVM virtualization. Admins can create a VPS on the fly by the click of a button VPS users can start, stop, restart and manage their VPS using a very advanced web based GUI. Users and Admins can see various sorts of Graphs in order to better manage their resources.

“A new traffic shaping Algorithm has been added for XEN in this version of Virtualizor.” said Pulkit Gupta, Softaculous founder and CEO. “We have also made a few GUI changes to simplify tasks for users.”

Virtualizor has 150+ OS templates that you can download and use by the click of a button ! New OS templates of various linux distros like CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE are added regularly. These templates are available for all Virtualization types i.e. OpenVZ, Xen and KVM.

Virtualizor is developed by Softaculous Ltd which has also developed Softaculous auto installer which is used by over 3 Million users, simplifying the apps installation process for them. Softaculous auto installer has over 300 scripts in its library which can be installed with ONE CLICK. Read more

OnRamp Prepares Companies Near the Coast for Above-Average Hurricane Season

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Web Hosting Services – Austin-based data center operations company, OnRamp, urges companies to take proactive measures by forming business continuity plans in anticipation of another above-average hurricane season. In the Extended Range Forecast of Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Activity and Landfall Strike Probability for 2013 report, released by Colorado State University’s (CSU) Department of Atmospheric Science on April 10th, an “above-average probability for major hurricanes making landfall along the United States coastline and in the Caribbean” is predicted. OnRamp assists companies around the country in maintaining reliable online operations with disaster recovery solutions deployed from its Austin, Texas and Raleigh, North Carolina data centers, with the critical infrastructure and Full7Layer Support necessary for 100% uptime 24/7/365.

“Looking back at last year’s early hurricane season predictions, no one could have anticipated the destructive force that swept the eastern seaboard, later dubbed Super Storm Sandy,” noted OnRamp Founder, Chad Kissinger. “The devastation caused by this storm amounted to billions of dollars in damage to homes and commercial properties, loss of life and the closure of countless businesses that failed to recoup from their losses. According to the U.S. Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics, “40% of all businesses that experience a disaster never reopen. Of the remaining businesses, 25% close within the following year.” OnRamp’s disaster recovery solutions provide companies who cannot afford downtime, loss of productivity and revenue with a secure, redundant and reliable environment far removed from the dangers of hurricane force weather.
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