CloudLinux Releases MySQL Governor Under GPL2 License

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Web Hosting ServicesPrinceton, NJ – Innovative shared hosting operating system (OS) developer CloudLinux (, announced today the release of its MySQL Governor tool under the open GLP2 license. Taking a community-led approach to development, this new release gives users the opportunity to work with and improve a tool that has been endorsed by the co-founder of MySQL and creator of MariaDB.

“For many MariaDB users, it’s critical to get precise information of what the CPU is doing when it’s executing a query,” says Michael “Monty” Widenius, the co-founder of MySQL and creator of MariaDB. “I am very happy to see that CloudLinux is releasing MySQL Governor as open source!”

Based on the Linux kernel, CloudLinux is an innovative OS that has transformed the way shared hosting providers do business. It is finally possible to monitor the way shared hosting customers use system resources, and define limits on a per-user or per-package basis. Designed to offer monitoring and control over databases, MySQL Governor is a versatile tool for use alone as a tracking script or alongside CloudLinux for throttling. The GLP2 license allows users to explore the source code that makes MySQL Governor work, and then get involved with modifying code and distributing their own version.

“From the day the company was founded, CloudLinux has been supported by an incredible community,” says Igor Seletskiy, Founder and CEO at CloudLinux. “Our customers are smart web hosting providers who want to take more control of their servers, and MySQL Governor extends control over MySQL and MariaDB databases. We wanted to give something back to the open source community that has helped us find success. With many uses outside of the web hosting market, we decided to release MySQL Governor under a GPL2 license that promotes collaboration.”

Although some solutions for monitoring MySQL database usage already exist, they only display data from completed queries. MySQL Governor tracks CPU and disk IO usage for every user in real time. Using the dbtop utility, it is possible to see usage as it happens, ensuring that users are always working with the very latest information. Anyone who uses MySQL (5.0, 5.1, or 5.5) or MariaDB can start using MySQL Governor immediately. Alternatively, CloudLinux users can monitor activity using MySQL Governor and then automatically throttle usage for customers who exceed defined limits. This functionality is thanks to LVE technology built into the CloudLinux kernel. It should be easy for the community to extend MySQL Governor to allow throttling using cgroups. Shared hosting providers that have already used MySQL Governor are impressed with the results.

“Since we started using MySQL Governor in March 2013, we have not had a single server overload or any MySQL downtime,” says Zoilo Diaz, CEO at “It has helped us solve MySQL issues and pin-point MySQL abusers.”

In the past few years, CloudLinux has seen significant growth to become a leading choice of shared hosting operating systems. Now, with this new announcement, CloudLinux is set to become a more involved member of the development and wider open source community.

MySQL Governor is currently available on GitHub at

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