Cyberarms announces new version of IDDS

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Web Hosting ServicesCologne, Germany – Following a successful product launch at Infosecurity Europe 2013 in London, Cyberarms ( has just released version 2.1 of its Intrusion Detection and Defense System (IDDS) – a proactive Windows Server security software which stops brute force attacks and intrusion attempts in their tracks. This edition of IDDS is more powerful than ever and is sure to be welcomed by small businesses and private server systems that find themselves increasingly under attack from unwanted intruders.

IDDS 2.1 provides customers with advanced usability through a well-designed and user-friendly interface with a clear dashboard that makes security managers’ jobs simpler and companies safer. The new version offers extended reporting functionality making security breach attempts much easier and quicker to identify, enabling companies to take immediate action.

A wealth of relevant information is now available via time-based statistic reports that give valuable insights such as which services are attacked most frequently, where intruders come from and how many IP addresses have been blocked. This information can then be used to prevent future attacks. Another enhancement is the advanced configuration, allowing quick and easy customization to tailor the software to a business’s individual needs – for example the number of allowed logon attempts for specific services.

“With IDDS 2.1 we are pleased to offer our customers a real improvement to the previous version,” says Maxemilian Hilbrand, Director of Cyberarms. “We focus on easiness,” he adds. “Our software is extremely easy to understand, install, maintain and manage. We are determined to offer security tools at a low price because we want everybody to be able to run our software – even small companies. Our partner model is straightforward and since we dislike bureaucracy we avoid creating it for our customers”.

Unlike many other systems on the market, Cyberarms systems do not require a high cost and complex infrastructure. The streamlined technology is cost-effective and with no administrative effort, making it ideal for small and medium businesses as well as cloud-based servers (web hosting, systems outsourcing, co-location servers). This key principle remains one of the most important quality criteria for the new version, providing a security system with a small footprint.

IDDS is available in two editions – Free Edition and Pro Edition – and the new features are available for both versions. The Free Edition now includes up to five lockdowns per day – previously only one was included – and provides a basic solution for private and small business needs. Upgrading to the Pro Edition gives unlimited protection and can be acquired through the purchase of the unlock key.

Cyberarms provides software protection to all businesses that offer Windows Server based services to their users. Systems that can benefit from the protection of IDDS are: Outlook Web Access, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics products like CRM, NAV, AX and GP, Remote Desktop, SMTP (E-Mail protocol), FTP and almost every system that uses Windows Authentication.

A key strength of the Cyberarms software is that it runs as a Windows service and accesses data solely on the server. Compared to Network-based solutions, it has much more system-relevant information at its disposal such as access to log files. This makes it highly efficient at blocking brute-force and dictionary attacks, as well as password guessing, giving customers peace of mind that their systems and data are safe.

About Cyberarms
Cyberarms is a software company providing state-of-the-art security software to businesses all over the world. Extensive product testing and product certification are high priority and ensure a high level of quality. The company is based in Germany and is a member of the TeleTrusT organization (IT Security made in Germany – ITSMIG). For more information please visit:

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