Midphase Launches New Cloud Servers Emphasizing Ease-of-Use and Management

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Web Hosting ServicesSalt Lake City, UT – Leading Web hosting company, Midphase has launched its own line of dynamic cloud servers, offering an easy-to-use and powerful product that signals a move into a rapidly expanding section of the hosting market. Midphase has introduced four levels of managed cloud servers to their product range, allowing customers to get the resources they want without a steep learning curve.

Midphase cloud technology provides a smoother customer experince by allowing cloud servers to run independantly on redundant hardware. Rather than being based on one specific piece of hardware, the Midphase cloud utilizes multiple pieces of hardware backed by the ability to relocate, or fail-over, to another location at the moment a piece of hardware begins to fail. In addition, Midphase cloud servers are scalable, allowing businesses to grow in real time.

Customers also oversee the content of their server, accessed through an easy-to-use cPanel powered control panel, while being fully supported by the Midphase support teams who configure, manage and troubleshoot the servers 24 hours a day.

“We wanted to find a way to make the latest technology accessible to everyone, not just the techies,” said Midphase’s cloud marketing manager, Terry Myers. “Our cloud servers are easy to use for new clients and offer a seamless transition for current Midphase clients who experience no learning curve by utilizing the same control panel as before; each can take advantage of the powerful cloud technology right away.”

Although this is Midphase’s first venture into cloud products, they are backed by decades of collective experience in the cloud hosting market by their international parent company, UK2 Group.

“The cloud infrastructure was already there for Midphase, we only needed to work on the implementation,” said Dave Anderson, the marketing and sales director for UK2 Group. “We’ve come up with a great product, backed up by seriously poweful hardware and our robust network.”

Midphase cloud servers can be bought for as little as $49.99 a month and come with free Snapshot Backups, custom nameservers and free SSL certificates, as well as their already established control panel. With a 30 day money back guarantee, it represents an excellent hosting product that is sure to get more people into the cloud.

Since 2003, Midphase has provided budget, shared, advanced and other types of Web hosting services to a wide variety of customers ranging from individuals to small businesses. Midphase is a subsidiary of the UK2 Group, a significant player in the European and U.S. Web hosting markets, providing domain registration and affordable website hosting to customers globally. Utilizing state of the art data centers, Midphase is able to provide advanced security and high availability to customers at an affordable price. Midphase is committed to providing reliable, cutting-edge products and services at a great value, underpinned with superior client support. For more information about Midphase, visit

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