WebNet Hosting Announces Sophisticated Media Hosting on the Cloud

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Web Hosting ServicesArlington, VA – Acting on the popularity of video sharing in content publishing and Internet marketing, WebNet Hosting now provides superior cloud hosting and media streaming software to better accommodate the hosting market. A WebNet source confirms that these solutions for quicker and better quality video streaming are the only way for content creators to effectively stream fine video to their users. Progressive cloud hosting plans coupled with the right video streaming software are essential to video streaming in today’s market, and WebNet Hosting has developed a plan to better fit the needs of their customers.

As complex media becomes a more prevalent mode of information dissemination, content publishers need more sophisticated ways of streaming live or on-demand video over the web. WebNet’s recent utilization of the cloud to host videos provides optimal results for users accessing such models of streaming entertainment. With the cloud, extremely high quality, reliable video streaming is established—ensuring that users stay on a site to see the video and content all the way through.

Incorporating media hosting on the cloud into most of their advanced hosting solutions enables WebNet Hosting to supply their customers with a more comprehensive and successful hosting plan. Without relying on hardware, video streaming becomes faster and more efficient. Compromising the load time of your pages is no longer a pitfall of incorporating video streaming on a website or blog when your content is hosted in the cloud—regardless if you are streaming in 320p or 1080p.

WebNet now offers an array of solid options for streaming on the cloud: Installing Wowza Media Server on a client’s VPS cloud hosting solution allows for nice quality, live and on demand video streaming. WebNet can also supply clients with the multiple-use video streaming media server, Red5: a great source for small and large streaming projects.

Along with Wowza and Red5, WebNet Hosting is now a leading supplier of SHOUTcast audio streaming software. Not only does SHOUTcast provide quality Internet radio streaming live, it offers on demand options as well. With the better performance of a cloud hosting solution, the software works at a higher rate with clean and tidy audio playback for your stream.

About WebNet Hosting
Based in Arlington, VA, WebNet Hosting has served as a leading global hosting provider for over a decade. The company continues their record as a premier source for online media streaming through cloud hosting ventures incorporating the latest in effective streaming technology. Along with optimal fully managed dedicated server hosting solutions, WebNet Hosting supplies clients with a variety of other hosting services to fit the unique needs of an organization or individual seeking a strong online presence.

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