SiteGround Launches a New Brand Identity and a New Website

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Web Hosting Services – SiteGround web hosting company has reinvented its brand identity and launched a complete redesign of its website, company logo, and hosting plans structure in line with the new brand concept. The brand message communicates now more clearly that SiteGround delivers a high-quality, superior service thanks to its “handcraft” approach to hosting as opposed to the “mass-production” one chosen by the majority of web hosts.

Lilyana Yakimova, the Marketing Manager of SiteGround explains why the rebranding was needed: “SiteGround has a unique approach to web hosting. In an industry where most providers use standard, ready-made solutions, we create our own systems to make customers’ websites faster and safer. To give you just a few examples: we were the first to implement the chroot account isolation, multiple PHP versions, and mem_cached on shared servers! Additionally, our support is famous both for its speed and expertise to solve issues that most other providers would never attend to. However, we were failing to communicate all that through our website. So the aim of the new brand identity is to explain our unique handcraft approach and how it delivers a superior customer experience.”
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Signetique Debuts Parallels Plesk Panel-Ready Cloud Hosting in Singapore

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Web Hosting ServicesSingapore – Following its recent launch of “Signetique Cloud”, Signetique has launched a Parallels Plesk Panel-ready edition of its enterprise cloud hosting service. As a Parallels Platinum partner, Signetique has worked with Parallels on a number of product launches this year, and Parallels Plesk Panel remains an integral part of Signetique’s hosting management and automation.

“Signetique Cloud is built with the users in mind. It is fast, it is simple and it is logical. We have taken the mystery out of cloud hosting and packaged it neatly into a service that everyone understands. Signing up for a Signetique Cloud server is a breeze and it can be deployed automatically in less than 60 seconds,” said CEO of Signetique, Raymond Tan. “While Signetique Cloud appeals to a wide range of users in the market, with Parallels Plesk Panel, we are confident of giving decision makers of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) greater impetus to move to the cloud.”
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.ME Announces Partnership with

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Web Hosting ServicesPodgorica, Montenegro – The .ME Registry, operator of Montenegro’s national Internet extension, announces the addition of to their family of domain registrars.

On June 21, 2013, Fabulous customers were offered the option to register .ME domains to create a personal connection online. As a special promotion, from July 1 – July 31, Fabulous will offer first year .ME domain registrations from $8.99.

.ME domains allow registrants to create a personalized online identity, which is as important on the Internet as a good personality is when you meet someone face-to-face. Whether marketing a startup, promoting a business, or creating a personal website, using a .ME domain creates a personal connection and call to action for your online identity. Read more

Cari.Net Launches Continuous Cloud Services – better than Paying by the Minute or Hour

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Cari.Net Launches Continuous Cloud Services - better than Paying by the Minute or HourWeb Hosting ServicesSan Diego, CA – When you are paying for bandwidth with a cloud server you might not realize that you are paying some hidden fees. You also could save money if you made the move away from a pay as you go plan and started taking advantage of continuous cloud service. Only paying for what you use sounds great on paper, but what if you use a lot of bandwidth?  If you look at a service like Amazon where you pay for what you use, and you are using a ton of gigabytes with your business or website then it actually gets expensive. Would it not make sense to just pay for continuous cloud bandwidth and only have one fee?

Cloud computing is really taking off in the age of businesses mostly operating online with their sales, advertisement and everything to do with their business. Since you have a cloud host, there is not something tangible called a cloud, but a structure where data is stored over many different computers. Several hundred people pay for bandwidth as they use it, and they are all working from the same server except there are countless machines for it to run through.

For thirty-six dollars a month with, you can buy unlimited bandwidth and use it freely. No matter how many apps you download, info you receive, or surfing you do it is all covered by one fee. wants to give you cloud pricing simplified. Your server should not be like trying to keep up with minutes on your cellphone. As far as the hidden fees go, they make sure there are not any fees you are not aware of. Other companies will offer pay as you go, but charge extra when you use a certain amount of bandwidth without telling you, will not do that.

Saving in the Long Run
“ saves small business money by moving I.T into the cloud.” Saving on I.T. cost is important when you are running a business, and you need a server that works for you not against you working towards this goal of saving money. offers enterprise quality backup that small business can afford to use without worrying about the high cost of usage. They own all of the data centers they operate, and have people available 24/7 to help you with any questions or issues you have with your server. has offered on demand hosting for over fifteen years and is privately held with no intentions of selling out so see what they can do for you today! Read more

Silver Bullet Water Treatment Technology Proven to Reduce Use of Water in Data Centers

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Web Hosting ServicesDenver, CO – Silver Bullet, an award winning, cutting-edge water treatment company, announces the successful deployment of its commercially available system in data centers, dramatically reducing the chemicals used to treat cooling tower water. The process results in saving millions of gallons of water and tens of thousands of kilowatt hours of electricity, decreasing overall operating costs and increasing the sustainability of data center properties across the United States.

More than half of a data center building’s water use is from cooling towers, which provide cooled water for air-conditioning, manufacturing, and electric-power generation. A typical 15-megawatt data center could use up to 360,000 gallons of water a day to keep servers and equipment cool enough to operate effectively. By targeting this component of building infrastructure for efficiency with Silver Bullet’s water treatment system, property owners can immediately realize significant savings in electricity, water, labor and maintenance.
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Server Farm Realty Breaks Ground on New, Enterprise-Class Data Center for Windstream Hosted Solutions in Charlotte

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Web Hosting ServicesLOS ANGELES, CA – Server Farm Realty LLC (SFR), one of the nation’s most innovative data center developers, has partnered with DSA Encore, the nation’s leading provider of data center solutions, to build a rack-ready data center facility for Windstream Hosted Solutions, one of the nation’s premier providers of enterprise-class managed hosted solutions. Design and construction are already underway for the 60,850 sq. ft., 10 MW facility scheduled to open in late 2013.

The new data center will be Windstream’s fourth Charlotte facility and seventh data center in North Carolina. It features data center space divided into multiple 10,000-square-foot data center suites leased by Windstream. Equipped to house Windstream’s comprehensive suite of cloud computing, dedicated hardware, managed services and disaster recovery as a service, the Windstream facility boasts:
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Hosting Ireland launches Cloud enabled Website Builder

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Hosting IrelandWaterford, Ireland – Hosting Ireland, one of Ireland’s leading domain name registrars and cloud hosting companies today announced the launch of its Cloud based Website Builder.  The new website builder provides the platform for creating stunning cool websites, and is ideal for people and businesses looking to get online. The cloud enabled website builder is quick and easy to use, but delivers the look and feel of a professionally built website.

The Cloud Website Builder has been developed to meet the needs of anyone trying to get a high impact online presence, whether a simple stunning brochure site or a fully blown e-commerce website.  The website builder comes in three packages, Starter, Premium and E-Commerce. Pricing is from as little as €99 per year and includes cloud hosting, a domain name of the customer’s choice, including a .ie domain, email and unlimited pages.  Upgrading is quick and easy, so you can develop your website as your business grows.

‘Hosting Ireland’s new cloud enabled website builder brings cool professional website publishing to the masses.  There’s a clear gap in the market between free one page sites and professionally designed websites.  Even if you have no technical skills you can now create a great looking website which may have been previously outside your budget…, says Jonathan Bate – Managing Director Hosting Ireland…. More and more people want to get a business idea off the ground, or refresh a tired looking website and budget is a constraint’

‘Will Harrison – CTO Hosting Ireland added, ‘We took the challenge head on and leveraged our cloud platform to deliver a professional website builder that’s easy to use, can be created in minutes and won’t break the bank either, especially if you’re a small business or startup.  Whatever type of website you might be looking for Hosting Ireland’s cloud website builder will create it for you…’

To mark the launch of Hosting Ireland website builder, Hosting Ireland is offering the Premium package for the same price as the Starter Package at just €99.00, reduced from €169.00.  The Premium website builder includes over 100 premium templates, 3000 professional images, social media integration, CSS editing, advanced analytics, mobile pages, basic e-commerce and 25 email addresses.

Hosting Ireland also offers a FREE trial, giving everyone the opportunity to try before they buy.  Simply build your website first with the free trial and we’ll upload your design should you choice to purchase and publish. Read more

Future Facilities to Host Webinar on Data Center Containment Failures

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Web Hosting ServicesSan Jose, Calif. – Future Facilities North America (Future Facilities NA), a leading provider of data center design and operations management software and Predictive Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), today announced that it will host a free webinar for data center owners and operators on what to do when airflow management and containment solutions fail.

On Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. PST, Future Facilities will host a free 45-minute webinar entitled BEWARE…When Cooling Best Practices Fail! Part 2, will discuss how to respond to unpredictable airflow problems and containment solutions that don’t work. The webinar, hosted by Ramzi Namek and Eric Fournier of Total Site Solutions, is based on content from Namek’s original post, Honey, I positively pressured the hot aisle, on his blog Data Centers Unclouded.
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Alurium Hosting Merges with Vivio Technologies Under Vivio Brand

June 25, 2013 by · Comments Off on Alurium Hosting Merges with Vivio Technologies Under Vivio Brand 

Web Hosting ServicesWalla Walla, WA – Merging companies is not a decision that anyone can make lightly. It is a decision made after careful consideration for both the companies and the customers who depend on them. When asked about the merger, Peter Amiri, the CEO of Alurium, had this to say: “Vivio is one of the leaders in the ColdFusion hosting field and we believe the capabilities they bring to the table will add great value to all our clients.” Jordan Michaels, CEO of Vivio agreed: “Our primary consideration before we went ahead with this merger was: ‘How will a merger effect both our clients?’. For example, if a merger would result in an over-worked support staff and lower quality service, then obviously it would not be something we would pursue. In this case, however, both companies are strong and vibrant, and we believe a merger under the Vivio brand will result in decreased costs, increased value, and higher quality service for both Vivio and Alurium clients.”

Vivio and Alurium are no strangers when it comes to working together. The companies have collaborated on a number of projects, including the Railo4cPanel project, which was designed to help enable hosting companies to offer open-source CFML hosting within the cPanel control panel by utilizing the open-source Railo CFML processing engine. Peter Amiri confirms, “I’ve worked with Jordan Michaels from Vivio for over fours years on various open source projects. The selfless dedication he has shown to the ColdFusion community has been awe inspiring.” He goes on to say, “Vivio has been on the forefront of working diligently to break down the barriers for the hosting community to provide CFML hosting. By developing tools to simplify the integration and configuration of CFML accounts and then making these tools available to the hosting community by open sourcing the tools, the number of hosts that can now offer CFML hosting has been increased exponentially.”
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LAN System Services Inc. Launches New Website, Offers New Services

June 25, 2013 by · Comments Off on LAN System Services Inc. Launches New Website, Offers New Services 

Web Hosting ServicesAtlanta, GA – LAN System Services, a solutions-driven IT consulting firm, announced the launch of their new company website. The new site has a fresh design, is easier to navigate and has helpful information.

To promote the site, LAN System Services is now offering a free network assessment service, designed to troubleshoot IT issues for small to medium size businesses throughout Atlanta and its surrounding communities. The network assessment service includes an initial consultation, followed by a week-long, in-depth analysis of IT and network issues. During the week, LAN System Services monitors the network and offers diagnostics and solutions. The service is free to the public, with no hidden costs.

“The LAN System Services team is excited about providing this service to small businesses throughout Metro Atlanta,” says Harlan Podber, company president. “We hope that the Network Assessment tool will encourage companies to explore our new site and all the other valuable IT services we offer.” Read more

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