Silver Bullet Water Treatment Technology Proven to Reduce Use of Water in Data Centers

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Web Hosting ServicesDenver, CO – Silver Bullet, an award winning, cutting-edge water treatment company, announces the successful deployment of its commercially available system in data centers, dramatically reducing the chemicals used to treat cooling tower water. The process results in saving millions of gallons of water and tens of thousands of kilowatt hours of electricity, decreasing overall operating costs and increasing the sustainability of data center properties across the United States.

More than half of a data center building’s water use is from cooling towers, which provide cooled water for air-conditioning, manufacturing, and electric-power generation. A typical 15-megawatt data center could use up to 360,000 gallons of water a day to keep servers and equipment cool enough to operate effectively. By targeting this component of building infrastructure for efficiency with Silver Bullet’s water treatment system, property owners can immediately realize significant savings in electricity, water, labor and maintenance.

“The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system is a unique, proprietary electro-chemical water treatment system that disinfects and conditions cooling tower water to virtually eliminate microorganisms and scale formation,” comments Silver Bullet’s executive chairman, Robert Hanfling. “It was painstakingly developed by our Chief Technology Officer, David Kolstad, following three decades of experience as an operating engineer in power plants, commercial buildings and hospitals. David’s hands-on work with traditional, chemical-based approaches to water treatment inspired him to develop a more efficient, lower maintenance and safer solution.

In a study conducted by the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh in 2012, the Silver Bullet system was found to kill 99.8% of bacteria in cooling towers; including greatly reducing Legionella bacteria growth, the cause of Legionnaire’s disease. Perhaps the most innovative feature of Silver Bullet over traditional chemical treatment of cooling towers is its unique ability to remove/eliminate mineral scale deposits from the towers without any additional acid washes or manual cleaning.

“If Silver Bullet’s technology were installed on 20,000 cooling towers, just one-percent of the commercial cooling towers in the United States, water savings could top 10 billion gallons a year and reduce electricity consumption by more than 1,200 megawatts of power, adds Silver Bullet’s executive chairman, Robert Hanfling. “Our goal is to save customers water and energy, and reduce their operating costs – while eliminating the use of toxic chemicals.”

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About Silver Bullet
Silver Bullet is a leading, nontraditional water treatment company transforming water treatment for industries across North America–from cooling towers to livestock drinking water. Its cutting-edge patented technology creates a powerful and proven natural non-toxic biocide when injected in water, killing all bacteria, removing scale and preventing corrosion. The Silver Bullet water treatment system saves water, energy, labor and money. Installation takes less than a day, requires no upfront capital costs, and rents for a monthly fee that is much cheaper than traditional chemicals.

Silver Bullet was recognized with the 2012 Best Venture award from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) for its cost effective and environmentally responsible water treatment solution.

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