Singhost Expands by Relying on Expert Digital Marketing Advice

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Web Hosting ServicesSingapore, Singapore – Just last week, SingHost announced that they had integrated Ms. Jessica Hong into their fold as a Vice President for Digital Marketing. Ever since the company was founded more than five years ago, SingHost has been providing customers from around the world with different kinds of hosting services. Compared to other similar companies, SingHost has been able to maintain quite a renowned reputation due to their diligence towards offering the best customer support with high quality and reliable services.

By integrating Ms. Hong into the company, SingHost is now in a position to start expanding its well-established customer base. Though they had started out by offering Singapore-based web hosting services to both the average and corporate clients in Singapore, SingHost’s customer base is now much bigger than just the Singapore market. One of the initiatives that they are pushing ahead for is a much more effective digital marketing campaign that will market their company more aggressively.

Ms. Jessica Hong has been involved in setting up and launching Digital Marketing Campaigns for quite a while now. Though she graduated with a Degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan, she has had extensive experience in the use of techniques more formally known as search engine optimization methods. She has done quite a bit of content writing for online-based companies and has more than adequate knowledge when it comes to keyword research and other similar areas. Her extensive 10 year experience in online marketing is what will allow Ms. Hong to be an extremely valuable resource to SingHost.

Singapore is the perfect place for a technology-based company to establish itself. That is why SingHost is able to provide extremely reliable and high-quality services with the server farms that they have established in specific locations throughout Singapore. With her skill-sets and experience by her side, Ms. Hong will be able to use her vast experience to bring results to increase the web hosting customers of SingHost in the foreseeable future.

Already, Ms. Hong has outlined certain facets of the plan that she will be implementing in the near future: The main focus of most of the campaigns that will be coming out of the marketing department of SingHost will now concentrate upon fashioning web hosting products in a way to make them even more appealing to consumers.

Ms. Hong also stressed upon the need for extensive market research which would allow her and the team to identify what web users were looking for. This would provide the company with more substantial reasons to cater to those specific needs.

With Ms. Hong as the new Vice President for Digital Marketing, SingHost will be looking positively towards the future.

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