6fusion Announces Metering for Amazon Web Services

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Web Hosting ServicesRaleigh, NC – 6fusion, the company standardizing economic measurement of IT infrastructure and enabling a global marketplace for buyers and sellers, today announced the release of the UC6 Meter for Amazon to open beta enabling customers to quantify and compare resource utilization and costs in Amazon Web Services (AWS) to any other public and private IT infrastructure. Leveraging 6fusion’s Workload Allocation Cube (WAC) as a normalizing metric, the UC6 Meter for Amazon allows customers to view AWS Elastic Compute Cloud and Elastic Block Service usage in the same unit of measure they use to track their other infrastructure usage. This radically simplifies the process of comparing AWS costs and usage to other internal and external options and enables organizations to include AWS usage in their internal cost visibility and allocation methodologies, better managing their overall IT infrastructure investments.

“To exercise choice, customers require information and the ability to compare the costs and benefits of competing solutions. Current pricing models for most cloud solutions make conducting meaningful comparisons difficult and reduce the ease with which customers can select the best infrastructure for different computing jobs,” said Paul Miller, Analyst, GigaOm Research.

The UC6 Meter for Amazon collects usage data from the AWS API through a customer’s account and translates that usage data into the equivalent WAC units for analysis in the 6fusion Platform. Built on 6fusion’s recently announced Open Market Framework, the UC6 Meter for Amazon utilizes the flexible architecture designed to separate the infrastructure layer from 6fusion’s metering and orchestration capabilities. This gives customers the ability to quickly deploy 6fusion’s library of pre-built adapters for common infrastructure platforms or build their own adapters using 6fusion’s open API.

“6fusion is building the world’s only true open marketplace for infrastructure services,” said Rob Bissett, SVP of Product Management for 6fusion. “The ability to normalize metering for Amazon is the basis for Amazon users to create an apples-to-apples comparison with other infrastructure suppliers for the first time. 6fusion allows all suppliers to compete openly on a clear price-to-value ratio.”

In addition adding support for metering for AWS, 6fusion also recently released improved VMware and Citrix Xen adapters by adding VMware 5.1 and Citrix Xen Server 6.0. All new features are available in the 6fusion platform now and are available in the recently announced free metering services offered by 6fusion.

About 6fusion
6fusion standardizes the economic measurement of IT infrastructure, enabling a single global marketplace for buyers and sellers. 6fusion quantifies supply and demand for compute resources across heterogeneous public and private environments with a patent-pending metering algorithm, the Workload Allocation Cube (WAC), and an open platform for access to global IT infrastructure markets.

Whether an enterprise optimizing internal infrastructure, a data center provider transforming a cloud offering, or an IT service provider differentiating their business in the cloud, 6fusion enables organizations to deliver topline and bottom-line value to their business.

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