Hatsize Sees Cloud Lab Adoption Trend Among Security Companies

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Web Hosting ServicesCalgary, Alberta – Hatsize, a leading cloud-based training lab provider for software and hardware products, today announced it is seeing a clear trend where security companies are embracing and adopting cloud labs.

One of the top trends at this year’s RSA Conference is that cloud computing has moved from being a buzzword to a more segmented, specific set of technologies that is being adopted and deployed across the board even with security companies. Sanjay Ramnath, director of product management for Barracuda Networks confirmed that, “Things are starting to settle down [into specific use cases] where IT is leveraging the cloud for specific things.”

One of the specific use cases for cloud computing among security companies is virtual labs, which are used to schedule, manage, automate and deliver online demos, hands-on product workshops and proof-of-concept trials with prospects as well as instructor-led and self-paced training and certification for employees, partners, and customers worldwide at any time.

“In the last two years, Hatsize has tripled the number of security clients who are using our cloud-based labs,” said Guy Hummel, Hatsize CEO. “Since Hatsize provides a secure and scalable lab platform, security companies can do everything they need to launch their products globally using Hatsize as a hosted cloud service. This enables security companies to securely and cost-effectively build their businesses faster around the world without adding any equipment or staff.”

Hatsize has seen rapid acceptance of its cloud-based training lab solution, with especially strong adoption in the high tech industry with security companies. To meet demand, the company has substantially increased datacenter capacity globally. Hatsize’s widespread adoption has been driven by overwhelmingly positive customer response.

Hatsize Uniquely Addresses Security Customer Challenges
Widespread adoption of Hatsize by security companies highlights Hatsize’s unique approach to solving some of the toughest challenges in cloud-based virtual labs:

Cost Savings and Scalability: By providing a secure cloud-based lab platform, Hatsize slashes equipment costs, demo and training-related travel costs, and staff time, while ensuring reliable, scalable global delivery of demos and training anywhere in the world at any time. The net result is that companies can save more than 60 percent of the cost of scheduling and managing demo and training systems.

Separate and Secure Virtual Labs: Hatsize provides separate and secure virtual network environments for every company and for every user (e.g., prospect, student, partner, etc.). There is no need to share environments and security is enhanced with this delivery approach. Plus, security companies have the added assurance that the Hatsize lab platform itself is secure because it has successfully passed a rigorous security audit annually for the past 5 years.

Complex Lab Support: Hatsize is one of the only vendors that offer labs to support both hardware and software products. With Hatsize, security companies can use the same cloud lab platform to launch their security software products, security hardware products (e.g., firewalls, routers, etc.) and even appliances (integrated hardware and software devices). Plus, Hatsize is designed to support the complex networking in multi-virtual-machine environments that security companies require.

About Hatsize
Hatsize is the leading global provider of cloud-based training labs for software and hardware products. As a cloud service, Hatsize has successfully delivered over 2 million hours of hands-on training sessions for some of the world’s fastest growing technology and training organizations including Symantec, Juniper Networks, New Horizons, MicroTek, and Palo Alto Networks.

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