OnRamp’s Managed Hosting Solutions Offer Added Security During Hurricane Season

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Web Hosting ServicesAustin, TX – OnRamp, a data center operations company with facilities in Austin, TX and Raleigh, NC offers managed hosting solutions to coastal companies as the 2013 Hurricane Season intensifies in the coming months. Although June and July typically only account for 14% of the Atlantic hurricane season’s named storms, the possibility of a named storm to gain strength and transition into a hurricane still exists. For companies that house IT infrastructure along the coast, now is the time to form business continuity plans that leverage a managed hosting provider to maintain operations in the event of a natural disaster. As the likelihood of storms making landfall increases this hurricane season, OnRamp’s managed hosting solutions help businesses keep their critical IT infrastructure running securely, reliably, and effectively 24/7/365, from the company’s geographically stable, Austin and Raleigh data center locations.

The impact of hurricanes and related inclement weather include flooding, prolonged power outages and harsh driving conditions, all of which contribute to a loss of productivity and revenue and the inaccessibility of a company’s IT infrastructure. “Whether OnRamp serves as a company’s primary data storage site, or as a secondary site for managed hosting purposes, we make sure every IT operation is safely running 24/7/365,” said Chad Kissinger, founder of OnRamp. “For companies who do not host their IT operations in a geographically stable part of the country, there is a risk of downtime associated with natural disasters that can result in a loss of revenue, or worse, force them to shut down their business altogether.” According to the U.S. Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics, “40% of all businesses that experience a disaster never reopen. Of the remaining businesses, 25% close within the following year.” OnRamp offers a number of advantages to counter the risks associated with natural disasters.

OnRamp’s managed hosting solutions pair best in class hardware equipment from HP, Dell, Cisco, NetApp and EMC with redundant power, multi-homed bandwidth over fully meshed networks and around-the-clock monitoring for 100% uptime. OnRamp’s experienced onsite engineers manage, monitor and maintain each managed hosting solution to ensure 100% uptime, a feature that is especially important for disaster recovery customers who are intentionally removed from their equipment in Austin by design. OnRamp’s technical staff is experienced all the way up through the application layer and offer Full7Layer Support to handle everything from simple reboots to assisting where customers, operating remotely, need it most: inside their racks.

OnRamp‘s managed hosting services offer the flexibility of customizing a solution that bests suits a company’s budget and agenda. From managed servers, to managed network devices, dedicated server hosting, managed storage and managed backups, OnRamp can create a managed hosting solution to meet its clients’ specific needs.

About OnRamp
OnRamp was founded in 1994 in Austin, TX. As one of Texas’ first Internet Operations companies, OnRamp’s history is rooted in providing reliable and secure connectivity that enables distributed computing. Today, OnRamp is a data center operations company that delivers a full suite of colocation, cloud computing, high security hosting and disaster recovery services backed by Full7Layer Support, to help customers build, deploy and manage data center operations at each and every layer.

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