ProXPN Upgrades NYC Data Center

July 8, 2013 by  

Web Hosting Services – With demand constantly growing, NYC data center stood at 100Mbit recently having been 3x upgraded in January, a 6x increase from December 2012.

In order to give users better services for them to enjoy even further, the upgrade has ensured that customers can carry out the online transactions they enjoy from web browsing, faster file transfers, and streaming videos with less buffering, at a faster, easier and more enjoyable rate.

proPXN New York City data center supports a myriad of places all over the world by giving them an IP address from the said region to use, enabling them to browse from Canada to even Tibet while registering them as located in New York. “I rely on an American IP for a lot of the sites I visit,” stated Mr. Kurt Berrington, a long time proXPN user. “I’ve tried the other servers in the US but New York consistently gives me the best speed.” The demand that it draws continues to grow and as promised proXPN continues to support it by serving the best connection at all times, no matter where you are.

About proXPN:
Founded in 2009, proXPN is a leading VPN provider that stands out from other services by offering free accounts. Stepping away from the SaaS standard practice of time-based free trials, a proXPN free VPN account lasts for life and is limited only in the connection speed. proXPN Premium account users enjoy unlimited connection speeds as well as advanced features such as PPTP compatibility for mobile devices and VPN Guard™, proXPN’s method of cutting all data transfer should the VPN connection fail, thus ensuring all data is encrypted during transmission even if there’s a system error. proXPN’s firm stance on the importance of individual privacy and security online has echoed the growing public sentiment in 2012 during debates over SOPA and PIPA.

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