Proxy List by Country Gives Global Internet to the World

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Web Hosting ServicesDallas, Texas – idcloak Technologies has launched a proxy list by country – the largest available database of free, publicly-administered proxies currently online.

Each IP address presented in the list represents a server in a specific country. When a user adds an IP to their browser, they reroute their internet to that new location.

Doing so allows the user to experience the internet under a different geographical and cultural guise, automatically bypassing any restrictions on their local web access.

“Year by year the worldwide web is becoming less worldwide,” says idcloak’s senior researcher Robin Welles, “Your IP address increasingly determines the language, prices and search results that are displayed; even whether you can enter a site at all. There are of course benefits to receiving location-specific content, but many users want the choice to explore the internet outside of that bubble. Our list gives them that choice.”

Traditionally proxies have been used either as censorship circumvention tools – bypassing government blocks on certain sites – or as ways of preventing sites from logging a user’s visits. Welles says that these conventional uses of anonymous proxies are just the beginning of what will soon become a new way of perceiving the internet.

“Users are finding new applications for proxies all the time. Some are employing the encryption functions of SSL Proxies to protect themselves from government surveillance or from sniffer programs like Faceniff. Others use high anonymity proxies to shop around online, making savings on some sites by buying from an alternate IP location.”

idcloak releases the free public proxies in advance of their flagship software-based VPN service. “We are giving people the chance to explore the worldwide web as it was intended to be: worldwide.”

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