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Web Hosting ServicesDallas, Texas – idcloak has launched its free Proxy Web Site, an easy-to-use means of directing browser requests through a remote proxy server and accessing the internet anonymously from that location. The fact the service is site-based means there is no need for modification of a device’s network settings and no software downloads.

idcloak says this makes the service a good option for users of computers or devices which they do not own.

“The Proxy Web Site serves a range of groups,” says idcloak’s web researcher, Robin Welles, “But its overarching benefit is that it offers reliable proxy access in a hurry. Users simply needs to paste a URL into our page instead of into their browser. They then have options to tunnel to the US, UK or Japan; to encrypt the connection; and to disallow elements which may betray their actual location. But the default setup is more than sufficient for 90% of proxy tasks.”

Welles says the proxy will also serve security conscious users who worry about downloading trojaned proxy software, or using proxies run by individuals rather than established firms. “As a legitimate company bound by US law, our service is expected to appeal to those wanting peace of mind when directing their traffic through a remote computer. We publish a clear privacy policy and work hard to develop a relationship of trust with our users.”

Popular uses for proxies are given on the Proxy Web Site page and include: privacy protection, location masking, censorship circumvention, unblocking georestricted content (such as certain YouTube videos), encryption and bypassing local language preferences. For more information on proxy types and their uses, Welles recommends the article in idcloak’s Knowledge Center: Free Web Proxy.

The release precedes the forthcoming idcloak super VPN service which is tipped to offer the best performance yet seen in the VPN market. idcloak promises a September 2013 launch and is currently taking discounted subscription pre-bookings.

idcloak is a Dallas provider of web management services which deliver privacy, security and freedom from restrictions online. Visit to learn more.

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