Securenet Systems Continues Worldwide Rollout with Amsterdam Datacenter Location

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Web Hosting ServicesDeerfield Beach, FL – Securenet Systems, Inc., the world’s largest international streaming provider for terrestrial and internet radio, announced its fourth datacenter location in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The newest location is its second datacenter in the EU. Securenet Systems has, for the second time in twelve months, substantially increased bandwidth capacity, making them one of the largest-capacity streaming providers on the planet. As part of that growth, the latest addition gives Securenet Systems the ability to provide faster and better services to European, Mid-east and N. African (MENA) markets via an additional 10 GB/sec multi-diverse fiber backbone.

Skye Davitkov, Director of New Media stated, “As we roll out more datacenter locations, we are able to provide online listeners with consistent response times, particularly where mobile has a big reach.” She went on to add, “The expansion also helps us provide better response times for international ad partners as well, giving us an edge in the global advertising marketplace. Fast ad delivery and high bit-rate encoding are paramount for a globally ubiquitous and rich-quality listening experience, and having huge headroom in our bandwidth is essential to that end.”

Securenet Systems operates multiple high-speed networks that provide its streaming customers with the fastest and most reliable streaming service available. Securenet Systems also offers one of the most robust streaming platforms for radio, with features and tools designed to maximize listener time and create new media revenue for its stations. Interactive features, free mobile apps, and a high-payout advertising network are just some of the benefits enjoyed by its customers around the globe.

Securenet continues to lead the streaming industry with listener features via its new Cirrus™ Player, utilizing the German-engineered Fraunhofer HE-AACv2 codec for CD-quality listening. Whether it’s music or talk radio, Securenet Systems provides the highest quality streams using the latest encoding technology from one of the world’s finest research organizations. By integrating the Fraunhofer codec into its custom-made studio encoder, Securenet Systems ensures that your stream sounds as good as ever.

Located in Deerfield Beach, FL USA, Securenet Systems serves thousands of radio stations in over 40 countries and every US State, offering a range of Internet-centric services to the radio industry, including high-speed streaming in HE-AACv2, royalty accounting, free ad insertion, mobile listener apps, ad network revenue sharing and much more. Securenet Systems operates its own datacenters on both the east and west coasts of the United States, as well as in France and the Netherlands. An Affiliate Reseller Program is available worldwide for companies and individuals interested in partnering with Securenet Systems to refer business.

For more information on Securenet Systems’ latest radio streaming features, please visit, call toll-free (866) 568-9402 or email info(at)securenetsystems(dot)net.

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