Web Proxy Server Gives Access to Blocked Websites and Pages

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Web Hosting ServicesDallas, TX – idcloak launches its public Web Proxy Server, an easy-to-use tool for accessing sites or pages that are blocked on a user’s internet connection. The proxy page acts as a virtual browser connected to servers in remote locations chosen by the user. When a URL is entered into the virtual browser, it retrieves the content and displays it over a secure connection. Any censorship or georestrictions are in this way circumvented.

idcloak’s Robin Welles says the firm is excited by the growing popularity of proxy-surfing, as this rerouted web access is known. “There are all kinds of reasons that internet users are denied access to the content they want: a video may be blocked because the uploader only made it available locally; a government may not want a particular tweet or Facebook page to be viewable for political reasons; or employers might wish to block access to distracting social media sites. Whatever the reason for the block, the web proxy gives a quick, free workaround.”

The web proxy currently offers servers in the UK, US and Japan, though more servers are expected soon. When users wish to connect to a country not supported by the web proxy, they are advised to search for an IP proxy in the idcloak free IP proxy database. Custom prefiltered country lists include the German Proxy List and Indonesia Proxy list.

As well as bypassing censorship, web proxies are increasingly being used for anonymity online. “Our site-based proxy belongs to the high-anonymity class, meaning sites do not see that a proxy is being used to access them. It also includes several encryption options that protect against WiFi hacking software and government surveillance of the kind dominating the press lately. It’s very much a multi-faceted tool.”

The release of the web proxy comes just two months before launch of the idcloak VPN, and is in many senses a precursor to it. “The best way to show the value of a product which challenges attitudes towards the internet is to let people try it out. The free web proxy server introduces the idea of anonymous surfing as a tool, our VPN will deliver it.”

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