YouTube Proxy Websites Open Up Unblocking Portals

July 29, 2013 by  

Web Hosting ServicesDallas, TX – has released a free, quick-access portal to all three of its in-house YouTube unblocker servers. The three-in-one service, dubbed YouTube Proxy Websites, allows a restricted user to access YouTube videos through American, Japanese or British internet space.

The free web proxy is aimed at YouTube fans in countries where the site is blocked, as it still is in China for example. idcloak’s Robin Welles explains: “If local censorship prevents access to videos, a user can only reach the site by tunneling their connection out of the country to a point where no restrictions exist. But not too far outside: if the user runs to a server all the way on the other side of the world, they will experience considerable lag during video playback. It is therefore very useful for such censored netizens to have access to three servers as they may choose the closest to their actual location.”

Encryption is another feature which Welles says is needed for successful unblocking of local YouTube censorship, “Without securing the requested data, the user will reveal to the content filters that they are receiving content from a forbidden site. The censor may then close off all connections to that proxy IP and effectively render it useless to anyone in that censorship zone from that day on. We made sure all our site-based proxies offer encryption on the connection, on the retrieved content and on the URL. This gives even the best content filters very little chance of detecting proxy use.”

idcloak additionally offers a database of all known public, volunteer-run IP proxies. See: YouTube proxies.

idcloak Technologies provide web identity management services. The Dallas-based firm also offers 500 articles on the subject of internet privacy, censorship circumvention and security. Visit for more.

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