Bacula4Hosts and OnApp Launch Incremental Backup and Restore Capability for Cloud Providers

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Web Hosting ServicesToronto, ON, Canada – Bacula4Hosts, a leading provider of enterprise data backup solutions, has partnered with cloud platform provider OnApp to release a multi-layer, incremental backup and restore capability for the OnApp Cloud platform. This new release of the Bacula4Hosts suite gives OnApp cloud providers and their customers a fully integrated self-service backup, restore and download capability for whole or granular file architectures, databases and database table sets. Bacula4Hosts has also announced new pricing and a simplified licensing structure for OnApp cloud providers, and an automatic migration scheme for companies already using OnApp and Bacula4Hosts.

With OnApp and Bacula4Hosts, cloud providers can add incremental backup and restore to any hypervisor platform supported by OnApp, including Xen, KVM and VMware, and select any combination of hypervisors and/or virtual machines (VMs) for inclusion in the incremental backup scheme. Bacula4Hosts complements OnApp’s existing VM snapshot/template and scheduled backup capabilities. It backs up data that changes, providing near-continuous data protection and reducing network bandwidth and disk space required for backups. Data can be restored on demand from any available restore point.

“The strategic partnership delivers a much-needed solution for service providers, resellers and end-users looking for a file/database level backup and restore platform for virtual machines – fast and reliable, yet still offering granular control and customizable API access,” said Bacula4Hosts founder and CEO, Andrew Rouchotas. “We’ve also simplified the licensing structure and pricing for OnApp customers, and introduced a fully automatic migration for existing Bacula4Hosts clients to make the transition as seamless as possible.”

“We designed the OnApp platform to be as flexible and extensible as possible, and our partnership with Bacula4Hosts adds some great new capabilities for OnApp customers,” said OnApp CEO, Ditlev Bredahl. “Incremental backup is a valuable feature for cloud end users, and the Bacula4Hosts platform just makes it really simple for service providers to offer that capability to their users. Like OnApp, it’s a technology designed for this market, and with some great pricing I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of services the OnApp community can now take to market.”

Bacula4Hosts enhances VM/Hypervisor backup control with real-time polling of connected OnApp installs, for instant visibility of all hypervisor zones and their respective VMs. Granular backup selection allows for the customer to pay only for hypervisors in enabled zones, and only for enabled VMs governed by those respective hypervisors. All of this functionality is feature-selectable and may be offered through the Bacula4Hosts API and/or a full range of pre-built modules made available for third-party billing systems enabling full self-service, end user restore capability.

Bacula4Hosts has introduced a special licensing structure for OnApp products, of $8 per month per OnApp hypervisor node and $3 per month per virtual machine (VM) hosted on each node, with high volume licenses available for as little as $1 per month per VM. Along with the new licensing comes the ability to automatically convert existing per-VM Bacula4Hosts licenses and backup data to the new platform and pricing tiers. Any full server licenses are seamlessly transitioned to the Hypervisor+VM model immediately upon connecting any OnApp install, and its respective hypervisor zone(s), to the Bacula4Hosts architecture.

Information About Bacula4Hosts
Bacula4Hosts is a data backup and recovery solution built by service providers, for service providers. Built on top of a proven, mature and established open source code base (, Bacula4Hosts is able to deliver a solution to service providers built on a proven and stable platform. Approaching 2M downloads, Bacula is trusted to backup and restore data for millions of servers. Complete information about the Bacula suite may be found at

Information About OnApp
OnApp software powers cloud, CDN and storage services for companies all over the world. OnApp products include OnApp Cloud, the leading cloud platform for hosts and service providers; OnApp CDN, a unique federated CDN platform for service providers; and OnApp Storage, a high performance distributed SAN for cloud environments. OnApp launched in July 2010, has more than 120 staff across the EU, U.S. and Asia-Pacific, and can be found online at

Partnership Backing – Cartika IT Solutions, Inc.
This joint solution featuring the Bacula4Hosts/OnApp product partnership was fostered in part by Cartika IT Solutions, Inc., an established leader in application hosting and advanced clustering technologies. Cartika enables businesses to deliver services to their local and global customer base by seamlessly clustering services across multiple types of infrastructure (traditional dedicated, virtual, cloud). Cartika can centrally manage and support fleets of servers across multiple data centers, offer management and support capabilities for Linux and Windows based solutions and resell capabilities of Linux and Windows VPS servers, Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers and Clusters. With extensive reseller capabilities, Cartika allows IT professionals to add value to their existing offerings and services. Cartika’s next generation offerings are complemented by its best of breed proactive managed services offerings. Cartika offers the most advanced reseller hosting platform available at

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