Fast Proxy Server List Gives Instant Access to Blocked Sites and Videos Online

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Web Hosting ServicesDallas, Texas – idcloak releases a custom Fast Proxy Server List for free access to the highest speed proxies from its database of over 1,700 public addresses. The list has been configured to display the top one hundred servers by performance following continuous in-house speed tests.

Web proxies are volunteer-run servers around the world which allow internet users to connect to the internet remotely. The community of public proxies has representatives in nearly every country in the world.

Users of proxies fall into several groups but the most common are those wishing to unblock sites or pages that are unavailable on their connection. The proxy allows them to bypass the restriction as if physically located in a place outside the censorship zone.

Robin Welles, idcloak’s chief web researcher, speaks about why fast proxies are becoming increasingly sought after, “The main reason speed has assumed such importance among proxy users is the amount of media-heavy content that’s online nowadays; especially when media is more subject to censorship than other forms of content. So, as the popularity of sites like YouTube grows, with many of its users unable to access the videos they want, proxies are being placed under increasing strain. Not all proxies can cope with unblocking YouTube.”

One drawback of IP proxies is that some users do not have the administrative privileges to configure their browser to access the proxy directly through its IP address. This is particularly the case with users of office computers. For such people, Welles points to the idcloak Web Based Proxy, which also provides a high-speed proxy service but from the idcloak site.

idcloak Technologies is a Dallas-based developer of proxy solutions to problems of censorship, security and privacy threats online.

The idcloak personal VPN service, a superior software-based proxy system, is due for release in early September 2013.

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