LeaseWeb adds load balancing service to Public Cloud

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Web Hosting ServicesManassas, VA – LeaseWeb, one of the largest hosting providers in the world with more than 60,000 servers under its management, has added a load balancing feature to its Public Cloud. Customers can now optimize their use of cloud resources by managing the distribution of traffic across instances.
Load balancing divides traffic across servers so that the load is evenly distributed. This lets customers optimize the use of their resources and minimize server response time, creating a more robust, scalable, and highly available cloud infrastructure for their applications. Load balancing is especially useful when there is a need to make an application easily scalable.

Different balancing mechanisms
The LeaseWeb Cloud load balancer supports a variety of algorithms to balance web traffic:

– Source Based, always assigns requests from the same source IP to the same instance

– Round Robin, cycles though all the instances in order

– Least Connections, allocates the traffic to the instance with the lowest number of connections

Traffic is redirected according to a set of rules as defined by the customer for the individual TCP ports on their public load balancer address. These rules range from balancing simple traffic (for example, for mail servers), to advanced rules with sticky policies for web applications. Rules can be managed via LeaseWeb’s Customer Portal, where customers can configure rules for a multitude of protocols and ports.

The load balancing feature is available immediately to customers of all globally deployed LeaseWeb Cloud platforms, at a set price per month, regardless of the request load. Robert van der Meulen, Cloud Manager at LeaseWeb, says: “There are a lot of confusing billing models being used for load balancing services, often charging per incoming request. We wanted to bring a bit of transparency to the table. Our load balancer offers the same robust options to direct traffic flow, at a set price unmatched by other providers.”

The launch follows on the recent releases of a software-defined firewall and private virtual networking, all of which are accessible via LeaseWeb’s Customer portal. Van der Meulen says: “Our load balancing feature is fully integrated in our Customer Portal, ensuring it works flawlessly with our other cloud services. In combination with our global network, which has a capacity of 3.5 Tbps, our cloud products are well equipped to handle vast amounts of traffic.”

For more information about LeaseWeb Cloud, visit www.leaseweb.comAbout LeaseWeb
LeaseWeb is a leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider serving a worldwide portfolio of 15,000 customers ranging from SMBs to enterprises. Services include Public Cloud, Private Cloud, CDN, Hybrid Hosting, Colocation, and Dedicated Hosting supported by exceptional customer service and technical support. With more than 60,000 servers under management, LeaseWeb provides infrastructure for mission-critical websites, Internet applications, email servers, security, and storage services since 1997. The company operates six data centers in Europe and the U.S., all of which are backed by a superior worldwide network with a total capacity of more than 3.5 Tbps. LeaseWeb offers services through its various subsidiaries, being LeaseWeb B.V. (“LeaseWeb Netherlands”), LeaseWeb USA, Inc. (“LeaseWeb USA”), and LeaseWeb Deutschland GmbH (“LeaseWeb Germany”). CDN Services are provided through LeaseWeb CDN B.V.

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