ProXPN Urges the Department of Homeland Security to Make Vulnerability Sharing Plan Universally Available to All Developers

August 5, 2013 by  

Web Hosting Services – As reported by networkworld, by not being universally available, the DHS vulnerability sharing plan could miss smaller businesses that hackers could use as an entry point to the networks of critical infrastructure companies they sell products and services to, some experts said.

According to the article a recent report from Symantec found that the percentage of attacks targeted at companies with 250 employees or less almost doubled from 2011-2012.

ProXPN agrees with the experts as one Wolfgang Kandek, Chief Technology Officer for Qualys, a Vulnerability sharing company, on the article goes on to say, “While it is understandable that the government is starting slowly, I would like to see much broader sharing of information, from an offensive point of view, it is certainly valuable to maintain a certain number of exploits in private, but for defense the best option is to share the vulnerability information with the software vendors as quickly as possible.”

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