SpamExperts Expands its Hosting Program Portfolio with US based ClickHOST

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Web Hosting ServicesAmsterdam – SpamExperts, the leading provider of professional email security products from Amsterdam, announces a new HPP (Hosting Partners Program) partnership with Atlanta based ClickHOST. Through this partnership, ClickHOST successfully improves online security for its customers in the US, enabling them to maintain efficient and spam free networks.

After several trials with open source applications and internally developed scripts, ClickHOST selected SpamExperts Local Cloud Incoming and Outgoing Email Filtering services in order to solve its increasing problems of spam filtering accuracy and blacklisting. While the idiom “prevention is better than cure” is as wise today as it was centuries ago, the fact is that in today’s sophisticated online environment, there’s simply no way for a webhosting provider to prevent a network breach without a professional email filtering solution in place.

For ClickHOST, the cooperation resulted in spam and server load being significantly reduced and customers being satisfied with the effectiveness and simplicity of the solution. One year after the initial implementation, no client has ended up on a blacklist any longer.

Launching the partnership, Carel Bekker, ClickHOST’s CEO says: “SpamExperts now plays a major role in ClickHOST’s ability to market ourselves as a secure website hosting provider. Spamming used to be a major pain point for our customers and us. After implementing SpamExperts, we rarely think about spamming or removing IP blocks from blacklists. SpamExperts takes care of this – you guys are amazing!”

“SpamExperts has always been driven by the promise to enable webhosting providers to professionally safeguard customers’ inboxes from spam and viruses (incoming filter) and protect their IP reputation (outgoing filter). SpamExperts filters out over 1 billion spam messages each month for its clients. As volumes increase, it is critical to accommodate this demand within our systems while the webhost remains focused on maintaining service quality to its end clients”, says Sam Renkema, CEO of SpamExperts. “SpamExperts continues to deliver proven email filtering technologies resulting from nearly 8 years of experience in working with webhosting providers.”

About ClickHOST
ClickHOST is a focused web hosting company based in Atlanta and it has three driving passions: old-fashioned customer service, simplifying technology and keeping customers secure online. Since ClickHOST was founded in 2000, it has grown organically and currently hosts websites from around the world. ClickHOST loves WordPress and hosts numerous blogs and WordPress websites. The company also provides full domain name services, and SSL certificates. Its affiliate program is on par with the best in the industry. ClickHOST, web hosting done right! For more, check

About SpamExperts
SpamExperts’ solutions are tailored to webhosts and enterprises. They offer inbound & outbound email filter services, as well as email archiving. Any desired combination of these different services can be selected. The services can run either within the redundant SpamExperts “Hosted Cloud” or on a ”Local Cloud” directly deployed on the customer’s (virtual) hardware. For more info, please visit

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