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Web Hosting ServicesMiami, FL – Data Access Worldwide announced today the global availability of the DataFlex Web Framework, which makes it much easier to build apps with less code, more re-use of code and components, better application structure, and robust scalability.

The new DataFlex Web Framework is included with the latest Visual DataFlex 2012/17.1 release, the company’s flagship rapid application development platform for Windows and web applications. The new framework delivers a complete platform for building business web applications in a single-programming-language environment.

“The applications game is changing. While Windows continues as the platform for many applications, the greatest market demand and market opportunity lies in business applications for the web. The new DataFlex Web Framework is designed to provide database application developers with the tools to be winning players,” says Chip Casanave, Data Access’ President and CEO.

“The new framework’s strength lies in its ability to provide simplicity and productivity in the accomplishment of a complicated thing – building database independent web and Windows applications. With the DataFlex Web Framework, developers get great-looking, user friendly, highly functional web business applications – not dumbed-down, quasi-apps that run in a web browser.”

Early adopters of the 17.1 release are also energized by the new web framework and its potential for creating faster ROI during new application development and for adding value to existing Windows applications by easily extending them to the web.

“Finally, a product that allows me to develop fully featured web applications without having to write a single line of JavaScript or ASP,” says Chuck Atkinson, Senior Developer at Morrison Supply Company in Ft. Worth, Texas.

“I’m amazed at the completeness and wonderful functionality built-in. It was a monumental task to build a server-side, class-based framework for web application development. There are few comparisons in the wide world of web development. Node.js comes to mind, but I would prefer to develop in the rich environment of DataFlex. I challenge anyone to find a more complete system with the power of the DataFlex language on the server side paired with an impressive JavaScript framework on the client-side. This is definitely a game changer!”

Raveen Sundram, Software Development Manager for Auckland, New Zealand based Excellent Software Ltd, says, “My compliments to the team for this project – it is definitely going to be a game changer!”

Visual DataFlex developer Bob Worsley says, “Having worked with the product from the first alpha release on, I’m amazed that it’s remained relatively consistent all throughout the alpha-beta to production. That speaks to the extensive prior planning and design work on the product.”

Visual DataFlex web and Windows applications share a common technical platform so developers can reuse large portions of Windows application code and business logic to create new, browser based solutions in minimum time. The secure, high-performance DataFlex WebApp Server integrates seamlessly with the Windows application environment.

With Visual DataFlex Studio and its Windows and web application frameworks, class library and rich set of pre-programmed, data-aware controls and components, the design and implementation of all applications is a structured, well managed process resulting in fast, reliable business solutions.

Visual DataFlex 2012/17.1 also delivers many other important and requested features and additions that enhance usability, developer productivity, application quality and performance, including updated DataFlex Connectivity Kits v6.0 for Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Pervasive PSQL, and ODBC, enabling developers to select the leading DBMS product of their choice.

Also included is full support for Soap version 1.2 for superior web application communications, updates to bundled Codejock components for building visually captivating Windows application interfaces, improved Windows-based grids and lists, JSON support, language changes for Base64 encoding and decoding, and numerous developer-suggested enhancements and bug fixes.

The enhanced developer productivity appeals to the business interests of Sture Andersen, Managing Director of Denmark-based application developer StureApS. “I seriously like the DataFlex Web Framework and I am looking forward to see what it will do to reduce development costs for our customers,” he says. “I also expect us to get new projects that we couldn’t get before because we will now be able to deliver exciting web application results at a lower, more competitive price.”

A free Visual DataFlex Studio is available for limited personal use from

About Visual DataFlex
Visual DataFlex is an advanced software tool for building Windows and web database applications and web services. The application development frameworks include visual design tools, productivity enhancing wizards and code generators, a comprehensive class library, a compiler & debugger, connectivity for leading client/server SQL databases including Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, and Pervasive.SQL as well as an embedded database, and the scalable, high-performance DataFlex WebApp Server. Learn more at

About Data Access Worldwide
Data Access Worldwide is a leading global provider of application development software, reporting tools, business intelligence solutions, and professional services. The company builds advanced software tools that IT professionals use to develop database independent business solutions. As consultants, the company applies their software tools and expertise to help clients automate business processes, enhance customer service and utilize information assets to make informed strategic and tactical business decisions. Data Access Worldwide has delivered over 400,000 Visual DataFlex and DataFlex software licenses to application customers in accounting, healthcare, finance, insurance, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation, and government sectors. Established in 1976, Data Access Worldwide is headquartered in Miami, Florida with regional offices in Hengelo, The Netherlands; São Paulo, Brazil; and Melbourne, Australia. A network of distributors and channel partners deliver and support the company’s products in over 20 countries. For more information about Data Access Worldwide telephone +1 305 238-0012 or visit

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