Domain Millwork Launches New Guide on How to Write Content for SEO

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Web Hosting ServicesMiami, FL – Domain Millwork, a domain name development company based in Miami, FL has just launched a complete guide that details step-by-step how to write content for SEO. Over the years, many SEO practitioners have tried to trick search engine algorithms to manipulate organic website rankings for target keywords. These “black hat” techniques may of been successful in the past, but with all the recent updates to search engine ranking techniques such as Panda (penalizes weak content websites) and Penguin (penalizes bad links to a website), it has become very important to create website content the right way.

“It has always been our goal to produce quality content that adds value to the web”, states Domain Millwork founder, Benjamin Evans. He goes on to say “The SEO techniques we use have been developed over many years and hundreds of websites. We have studied how search engines and human visitors to the website engage the content. Using this data, we have been able to create a content strategy that will stand the test of time. We only use high quaility original content that is easily found by site visitors and search engine spiders, while also making it easy for people to share, bookmark, link-to and comment.”

Most SEO companies keep their techniques secret and try to keep clients uninformed. At Domain Millwork, we do the opposite. We feel that client education in regards to SEO is very important to helping them understand the value of what we provide. It was with this mindset that we decided to make our proven SEO Content Development strategy public on the web. We hope that the readers find it a useful tool that helps them organically rank their website and engage site visitors, leading to more leads and business.

Some of the key points discussed in the guide include:
1. What makes quality content
2. Content depth
3. Meta data
4. Visually appealing page formatting
5. Visual components (video, images)
6. Social sharing tools
7. Commenting tools
8. Authorship (rich-snippets) planning, research, URLs, types of content, linking,

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