ImpressPages and Webuzo Enable One-Click Deployment of CMS Sites

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Web Hosting Services – Softaculous Ltd., the developer of Webuzo Application Manager a LAMP stack specially designed for the cloud simplifies Application deployment and stuffed with server management tools, now includes ImpressPages in the Webuzo Apps Library. Webuzo users can now install ImpressPages with just one click on their Virtual Machine, VPS, Server or in the Cloud.

“We have included ImpressPages in our library as a response to growing demand for the application,” states Valerian Pereira, Software Developer at Softaculous. “Our goal is to keep our library up to date with the applications people want the most and we are happy to add this promising script.”

“We have amazing new features on the agenda that will help our community grow even further: a theme marketplace is already in closed beta ( and we’re working hard on a plugin market,” stated ImpressPages (Lead Developer) Mangirdas Skripka. “With Webuzo, users have a solid way to get ImpressPages up and running quickly and easily. It is a honor to be part of the many great scripts that Webuzo offers.”

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About Softaculous Webuzo
Softaculous was founded in 2009 and incorporated in 2010 with the goal of helping users to deploy apps by the click of a button. Webuzo is an Application Stack which can be used on any Virtual Machine. Webuzo is a Single User Control Panel which helps users deploy Web Apps (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc) or System Apps (Apache, NGinx, PHP, Java, MongoDB, etc) on their virtual machines or in the cloud. Webuzo is a great fit for your Virtual Machine offerings. The unique feature of Webuzo is that, user can configure their Webuzo Servers to act like any server be it a LAMP Server, LEMP Server, Java Server, Python Server, etc.

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About ImpressPages
ImpressPages is a web content management system (Web CMS) based on drag&drop user experience together with in-place content editing. It makes content management 4 times faster. ImpressPages Ecosystem is built in and around the CMS product. ImpressPages is revolutionizing the value chain in web development. With ImpressPages web designers/agencies become efficient, competitive and successful. Ecosystem allows other businesses to evolve. ImpressPages has won “Open Source Awards” as The Most Promising Open Source Project, named as “game changer” by market critics.

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